15 Best Things to do in Liverpool: Top Attractions of this City

Liverpool: Liverpool is a seaport city on Merseyside, England, which is highly noted for its several historical and industrial values. This city has an outstanding geographical location in the northwest part of the country England, where the River Mersey amalgamates the Irish Sea. Liverpool city is the hometown of Beatles, which has been holding the key trade and migration port successively from the 18th and 20th centuries!

This city is also considered as one of the top metropolitan boroughs of the whole UK territory. This principle city of England has a population of approximately 2.3 million people, as per the latest census. This place became a borough since the year 1207 and got the tag of a city from the year 1880.

During the period of the Industrial Revolution, the city was developed into a major port and participation in the entire Atlantic slave trade. It was worked as a port registry of the foremost central ports at that time! Not only in the industrial field but, this city has shown its versatility in various fields as well! Eventually, Liverpool has got the title of ‘European Capital of Culture’ along with some other respected crowns throughout the whole expansion session of this region.

Things to do  in Liverpool United Kingdom

This city has another significant assessment of being the beautiful city of England, apart from a famous historical constituency, which makes this city a top tourists’ place of the UK province. Thus, millions of travelers come to visit this city from the various parts of this world and makes this metro a perfect tourists destination into the world!

Nowadays, tourism plays an imperative part of the city’s economy with the help of these tourists income. Let’s check out some top tourist attraction of this city, which you should not miss in your Liverpool trip at all! Take a look-

Things to do in Liverpool:

Merseyside Maritime Museum:

Merseyside Maritime Museum is a museum bases tourists place in the city Liverpool, which is basically a fraction of the National Museum Liverpool and an anchor point of the ERIH.

The museum was established in the year 1980 and enlarged after the 6 years of its inauguration.

The museum incorporates several famous docks in its little territory, though; the basement gallery of the main building has been the chief attraction of this place.

Liverpool Cathedral:

Liverpool Cathedral is an ancient church of the country England which is also known as the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The church is situated on the St. James’s Mount of the city that is designed with the very lengthy external pattern, which makes this one the longest Anglican cathedral of the world.

The church was completely established in the year 1978 which had taken almost 74 years to accomplish the tallest length(188.7 meters), huge exterior(9,687.4 square meters), and lavish interior of the church entirely!

The sandstone made cathedral holds several historical and archeological methods in its massive torso, which lure thousands of visitors to this spot from the different region.

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Anfield Stadium:

Anfield Stadium is a world famous football stadium that is located on the Anfield road Station of the Liverpool city. This huge stadium was established in the year 1884 with a capability of 54,167 seats along with 32 executive suites. The field has a measurement of 101 meters by 68 meters dimension that is positioning over four stands.

You could find a statue of the former manager of the stadium outside the sports ground. The whole arena has two gates, a radio frequency identification entrance process, several spaces to accommodate wheelchair users, along with some other applauding facilities for the audiences and the players. To know more details, please click the link below-

Anfield Stadium of Liverpool.

Walker Art Gallery:

Walker Art Gallery is a wonderful place for art lovers, which is located on the William Brown Street of the Liverpool city. This is one of the most famous destinations of England for holding the hugest art collections in its compilation. The gallery was established in the year 1877 and was named after the founding benefactor of this place Mr. Andrew Barclay Walker.

Painting gallery of this building literally filled with some massively noted paintings. Like The Nymph of the Fountain, Holy family with the Music Making Angels, Meleager and Atalanta, etc. along with some portraits of noted personalities. The sculpture gallery, the pre-Raphaelite collections, etc. are other attractive spots of this tourist attraction.

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World Museum:

World Museum is the largest museum in the city as well in the whole England which was established in the year 1851 with the name of ‘Derby Museum. This place is also the part of the National Museum of Liverpool that has an outstanding collection of archaeology, ethnology, natural and physical science, etc.

The chief attraction of this museum increases among the foremost travelers for being the Natural History center and the Planetarium. The Black Knight BK02 which is located at the Space & time wing has been the main attraction for several science devotee visitors. You can also find various Archaeological, Egyptian, and other historical collections in here.

Wold museum of Liverpool.

Pier Head:

Pier Head is a picturesque riverside location in the city center Liverpool. This site covers a trio of landmarks which have built on the site of the former George’s Dock. The Royal Liver Building has been the greatest attraction of this place which has two mythically enchanting clock towers.

This riverside has some spectacular landscaping scenery which makes this place so precious among the natural lover tourists. For being near the Liverpool riverside station, this place is directly connected to the main town and that’s made this even more famous among the travelers from the different regions.

Clock towers and landscape Liverpool – Pier Head.

St. George’s Hall:

St. George Hall is the city hall of Liverpool, which is located in the heart of the city, directly opposite the Lime Street railway station. This area is including buildings of concert halls and the law courts which are built in neoclassical style, established in the mid-19th century under the National Heritage List for England.

The concert hall of this place has a large area that occupies the center of the building. You can find the wall organ in the hall, concert room, crown court, and the Grand Jury room inside the building. The main building is decorated with several striking statues and sculptures, which make this, place a ‘worth a watch’ spot among all the noted places in Liverpool.

St. George Hall Liverpool.

Sefton Park:

Sefton Park is a public park of the Liverpool city, which is broadened with the 235 acres area in the southern part of the city. The park was founded in the Sefton District in the year 1872 within the historical bounds large area of another noted park of the city. This park territory has a grand cricket club, perfect tennis courts, Bowling Green, a popular jogging circuit, and a local football ground.

This has also owned a royal city Philharmonic Orchestra, Africa Oye, Moscow State Circus, etc. to entertain the visitors to the utmost! The world famous Palm House has been the chief attraction of this place because of its amazingly eye-catching statue collections.

Reference: Liverpool things to do leisure parks – Sefton park.

Speke Hall:

Speke Hall is a wood-framed wattle-and-daub Tudor manor house that is located in the Speke district of the Liverpool city. This building is one of the oldest buildings that was constructed in the year 1598 and currently regarded as being one of the finest surviving examples of its kind. The Great Hall was the very first part of the house which had built initially during the construction.

The Greek Parlor wing was probably the second part which was built after the Great Hall inside the Speke Hall. The Oak frame of this building designed in such a wonderful way over the base of red stone and this pattern give this building, even more, popularity among the world territory. But, it is the tag of ‘most haunted place’ of the whole England, which had fetched the foremost attention among the contemporary tourists.

Reference: Speke Hall Garden estate Liverpool attractions.

Liverpool Central Library:

  • Liverpool Central Library is the largest among the entire Liverpool libraries, which is situated in the center of the city.
  • The first building of this library that is known as the William Brown Library and Museum was established in the year 1860 and finely renovated in the year 2008.
  • This library is affiliated with the World Museum Liverpool and separated into three different buildings.
  • While the main building is used to hold the gigantic collections of millions of books, the other two buildings have been used as the Picton Reading room and the Hornby Library.
  • The main entrance to the library has a huge welcoming path that is made of gray tiles, and the roof terrace is decorated with some comfortable low-length benches to read books.
  • The mesmerizing atrium has been the key attraction of the whole building, since its inauguration period.

Things to do in Liverpool central library reference.

The Beatles Story:

Liverpool has several tourist attractions which are individually valuable in historical value.

  • Among those numerous spots the Beatles Story is definitely one of the biggest one but, while the utmost places had been built for different reasons with some historical methods in the ancient times.
  • This place was created for providing another entertaining spot to the Liverpool visitors in the shake of honoring the 1960s rock group the Beatles.
  • The spot was created in the year 1990 at the city’s Albert Dock which is loaded with several entertaining schemes in here!
  • You must visit this place once in your Liverpool trip, especially if you have a fetish for mid-20th century’s music.

Beatles story Liverpool attraction.

Liverpool Empire Theater:

  • Liverpool Empire Theater is a central theater in the city Liverpool that is located in between the Lime Street and London Road of the town.
  • This theater was built in the year 1925 with the largest two-tier auditorium in Britain with a capacity of 2,348 seats in its audience portion!
  • This theater could host many types of programs like musicals, pops, operas, concerts, plays, along with several entertaining shows.
  • The whole building was made of the Portland stone in a neoclassical pattern with a true prolific interior inside the huge hall.
  • Plentiful of programs are performed on the stage of this theater on every single year, and millions of audiences come to witness those show to this theater from the different corner of this world.

Reference atgtickets.

The Lantern Theater:

  • The Lantern Theater is a famous spot of the city Liverpool, which is one of the noted family run venues of the city situated in the heart of the town.
  • The theater was founded in the year 2009, which originates the bohemian contemporary category after the few years of its inauguration.
  • This is a flawless platform for supporting new work in the field of music, plays, of comedy, thus, it has a great methodic value among the visitors.


Albert Dock:

  • Albert Dock is a complex of Dock buildings and warehouses, which holds a significant historical value in its each corner!
  • The dock was established entirely in the year 1847 by the Albert Dock Company that incorporates some other famous places of the Liverpool city such as, the Beatle Story, the Tate Liverpool, the Merseyside Maritime, etc.
  • The main building is made from the cast iron, brick, and stone, without any structural wood at all!
  • This place is highly noted in the world market for offering some rich stores of brandy, cotton, tea, silk, tobacco, ivory, and sugar
  •  The foremost people come to see the heavenly view of the lighting dock during every night across the Salthouse Dock.

Alber dock Liverpool ref: albertdock

Museum of Liverpool:

  • Museum of Liverpool is the latest addition to the National Museum Liverpool group.
  • It was included in the year 2011, on the Pier Head place of the city to replace the former Museum of Liverpool Life.
  • The collections of this museum were to reflect the global significance of the Liverpool city. As well as to tell the story of the dwellers of the city.
  • This museum has a huge area of 8,000 square meters of exhibition space. It is a recording space among the other typical city museums.
  • The main building shows the decorative art collections, entomological and botanical collection. along with this you can witness some archeological materials in its huge accumulates.

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15 Best Things to do in Liverpool: Top Attractions of this City