#72 Special Things to do in Switzerland, Attractions, Food, Festival & Cost of living


Switzerland Gothic Church Lake Lucerne Alps Mountain Switzerland is a sovereign country in the south central Europe, which is officially known as the name of Swiss Confederation and regarded as the heaven on earth for its outstanding natural beauty. This captivating country was traditionally established in the year 1291 on 1st of August, which date is still commemorated as the Swiss National Day by its dwellers. One of the most applauding excellences of this country is that Switzerland has not been a state of war internationally since 1815.

Switzerland-matterhorn attractions and things to doThough Switzerland has the best natural views in this whole universe, yet it is the peace-building process of this country which makes it most beloved by the foremost people in this galaxy! Probably that’s why this country is considered as the best attraction for the utmost travelers around the world! Switzerland has enriched with so many heavenly places and dreamy destinations that it is quite impossible to visit all the tourist spots and famous destinations of this country at one single trip; thus, several travelers keep checking in this country and fill their life with new, new treasuring experiences of travel & living.

If you are thinking to visit this place for your next vacation, then, let us enlighten your ideas with some precise spots, foods, attractions and things of this place in this article ahead, take a look-

Things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is the country of countless stunning places as we mentioned before. There are almost 54 famous spots which every tourist should at least once in their life if they check in this mesmerizing country once! We are trying to give a small brief of every single mentionable place along with its main attraction, let’s take a look below-

Zurich and its Main Attractions:

Zurich is one of the oldest towns in Switzerland which is known for its picturesque views and banking center attribute. This 2000 years old town has several famous tourist spots including lakes, mountain, museum, zoo, church, city tours, botanical gardens, etc.

Boating in Lake Zurich, walking and old town, climbing Uetilberg Mountain, visiting National Museum, Rietberg Museum and Zurich Zoo, going Fraumunster or Church of Our Lady, seeing operas in Opernhaus, visiting Bellevue Square, visiting World Football Museum, etc. are few mentionable thing you should do while visiting this interesting city. German and Alemannic Swiss German are the main language of this leading global city.

If you are curious to know which places you need to visit first in this blissful largest canton, apart from the Lake Zurich, then, here are top three attractions of Zurich with a brief intro, let’s take a look-

Swiss National Museum:

Switzerland Zurich National Museum

the national museum is the must visit the place of Zurich which was made in the prehistoric period in a pattern of the castle and holds the utmost cultural history of Switzerland. This museum is filled with antediluvian artifacts and archaeological collections which are mostly emphasized with some cover of gold, silver, textiles, metalwork, etc. Scientific components, musical instruments, industrial antiques along with armor collections are some more remarkable objects you could find here.

Bahnhofstrasse Zurich:

Bahnhofstrasse is like a paradise for shopaholic people, which is basically the main street of Zurich. Pedestrianized Bahnhofstrasse is situated from the Bahnhof to the Burkliplatz of the city at the head of the Lake Zurich. This 1,200-meter street if just fill with numerous shopping centers where you can buy each and every famous thing of the city with a huge collection. This market is embellished with fountains, trees, artworks along with buildings and considered as one of the top visiting places of this city.

Old Town:

Things to do in switzerland old town zurich attractions

Old town is situated in between the Bahnhofstrasse and the left bank of Limmat, which is famous for the Romans’ fortified settlement. This place is highly appreciated for the charming view of an ancient town along some primitive witnesses of the 14th and 15th centuries. You can find some antique shops there, and to entertain the tourist, who stopover this place during their trip, the Swiss government also has permitted several cafes and restaurants there, too.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich Switzerland attractions

Zurich Zoo

Switzerland Attractions Things to do Zurich zoo

Zurich Zoo Things to do in Switzerland

Fraumunster Zurich

Fraumunster Things to do in Zurich Switzerland attractionsVisit Fraumunster.

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#72 Special Things to do in Switzerland, Attractions, Food, Festival & Cost of living

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