#15 Special Things to do in Birmingham, UK: Best Attractions of United Kingdom


Birmingham is a major city of England, which is chiefly a metropolitan borough, located in the West Midland region of the country. This big city was considered as the manufacturing powerhouse of the continent, during the textile-evolutional crisis, which had left numerous historical landmarks in this city.

This spectacularly designed metro was settled in the year c.600 and had become a proper metropolitan borough in the year 1974. Birmingham has a really huge territory, which makes this city one of the biggest metropolises of the country. According to the latest census, the city has a population of 1.101 million people; among them, 58% citizens are White British in origin. This place is beautifully bejeweled with some notes historical museums, sacred cathedrals, industrial spots, Universities, sanatoriums and some urban markets along with some parks and city centers. Because of these striking visiting places, this city is regarded as one of the populist tourist places of the country.

Millions of visitors come visit this gigantic city of England from various regions and fulfill their experience’s treasure trove with some cherishing reminiscences. People sometimes feel clueless about which places to go in this city and which should leave in their Birmingham trip, thus, here we are referring a brief description of some noted places of this city in this article ahead, let’s take a look-

Best Birmingham attractions things to do in United kingdom

Things to do in Birmingham

  1. Birmingham Hippodrome:

    Birmingham Hippodrome is an old theater of the UK which was situated in the year 1859, on the Hurst Street in the Chinese quarter of the city. This noted spot is mostly known for being the home stage of the world famous Birmingham Royal Ballet. This theatre is a common venue for various stage shows like Opera, plays, Dance shows, musical concerts, drama, West End shows, pantomime, etc. apart for the ballets. It has a capacity of holding 1,935 individual audiences at once and also has an additional performance space along with a wide backstage area. If you have a cultural side inside you, then, we will recommend you to visit this once in your UK trip to see the antique architecture of an old theater.

  2. Symphony Hall:

    Symphony Hall is a concert hall of the Birmingham city, which was established in early 20th century on the Board Street of the city. This hall is adorned with a huge platform, organ and a moveable acoustic canopy that has a capacity of 2,262 seats in the main hall. This place was made for providing a perfect home to the City Symphony Orchestra, which is currently hosting over 275 events in a single year! The hall interior is the main attraction of this place that was constructed in the replica of Musikverein and Concertgebouw places internal designs. This hall is regarded as one of the optimum concert halls of the whole UK because of its amazing architecture and exclusive design. The reservation chamber below the stage, remotely organized doors, dampening panels are some notes objects of this famous spot.

  3. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery:

    Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is a highly distinguished visiting place of this city as well as the whole country. The construction of this widely extended building was started in the year 1881 and entirely accomplished with all its extension in the year 1917. This museum has almost 500,000 objects in its intact collection gallery including some valuable ancient anthologies. The intense museum incorporates fine art, ceramics, jewelleries, natural history resources, and archaeological objects along with some ethnographical instances in its wide collections. You can find the several famous painting in this museum like ‘The Star of Bethlehem’, ‘Prospering’, ‘The Last of England’, Sagrada Familia’, etc. This place is also crammed with lots of Egyptian, Roman Greek and other ancients’ ages’ armors and related objects, which have been the best attraction of this place for decades.

  4. Barber Institute of Fine Arts:

    This is an art gallery and concert hall of Birmingham, which was built in the year 1932 on the Edgbaston place of the city. The main reason for establishing this gallery was to premise on the campus of the University of Birmingham that has two individual building in its wide territory. The first building of this place was used to study of art history in the UK, and the second building was used as the museum and gallery for some extremely noted ancient art collections. If you ever visit this place, you will surely mesmerize by the outstanding interior of the gallery, which has renovated in late 20th century with some contemporary twists. This place has much-esteemed for its high value in the educational field which is also able to exhibit to some rare 17th century’s artworks in its huge collections.

  5. Lickey Hills Country Park:

    This is a is another beautiful place visit in Birmingham city, which is located near the Bilberry Hills over Rosehill Road, close to the Barnt Green place of the town. The whole park incorporates approximately 524 acres area that is situated in the South East area of the metro. This place has an imperative geological value due to the array and age of the rocks of the hills, which give this place some priceless landscapes and picturesque dilemma. People come to see here the famous 18-hole golf course, a bowling green, a perfect tennis court, along with some nice seating places and a wide grass walking area. Tourists can see several natural related exhibitions, leaflets and natural trails information, organized ranger services in this place here.

  6. Town Hall Birmingham:

    Town Hall Birmingham is a grade I listed concert hall, which had constructed in the shape of classical Gothic style from the outside of the main building. The hall was established in the year 1834 in the Victoria Square of the city, which had taken almost 2 years to accomplish entirely. This hall is the first ever monumental town hall of the country that was made in the pattern of 19th century’s Roman architecture, which lures more visitors to witness the captivating exterior! The main reason behind making this historically significant hall was to get a home for the noted Birmingham Triennial Music Festival, which had emerged with an urban renovation to the world consign in the year 2008. The whole building is made of brick, adorned in Selly oak and faced with the pennon Anglesey marble.

  7. Birmingham Back to Backs:

    Birmingham Back to Backs are the last surviving court of back to back houses which are situated on the Hurst Street of the city. This place has historical value for holding the ancient housing style instance in their each brick. The whole court was established in the year 1840 with red brickwork and slate roof designs. If you ever come to this place, you will find that all houses have level entrances, accessible ground floor, casement window, bay window, tunnel entrance, steep spiral stairs to other floors and a typical yard inside each house. This court was constructed while this industrial town was suffering the rapidly increasing population during the mid 19th century to provide some worthy spaces to the city dwellers. The entire court consists total three pairs of back to backs houses with some strikingly designed old residences.

  8. Winterbourne House and Garden:

    This is one of the famous places of the city which is basically one historical site along with a fantastically striking garden area. The garden of the area was created in the year 1903 on the Edgbaston place near the pool of the city that is generally a botanic garden of the Birmingham University. This site is mainly appreciated for being the site of special scientific interest, which is extended in 7acres area in the pattern of a ‘villa’ garden. The house is made in the shape of classic ancient architecture with a red brick material and the wide garden contains some terrific array various plants which have come from across the world! The garden is also decorated with geographic beds, hazel tunnel, restored wooden pergola, sunken rock floor and a pretty glasshouse in the territory of the garden. Winterbourne House and garden.

  9. Library of Birmingham:

    Library of Birmingham is a public library of the city which has made in the pattern of postmodern shape on the Broad Street of Birmingham. The library was established in the year 2013 which holds almost 800,000 books in its little torso along with 316,000 other informational scripts. You can find any noted or important books, journals, newspapers, magazines, official publications, and photographs in its huge collections, along with precious stamps, manuscripts, and media reports. There are 100 kinds of stuff always available inside the library to attain the visitors perfectly. Cultural people must come to this place once in their Birmingham trip to see huge collections of different books in one particular place. Library of Birmingham.

  10. Museum of the Jewellery Quarter:

    Museum of Jewellery quarter is one more mentionable is an eminent museum of the city which is one of those nine museums that runs by the City Museum trust. This place is considered as the best tourist attraction of Birmingham and the third best free tourists’ attraction of the country. The museum was established in the year 1992 with some amazingly designed gold jeweler collections which are made by the skilled manufacturers Smith and pepper. This place preserves the ‘time capsule’ of an ornament workshop and represents the 200-year story of the ancient jeweler patterns.

  11. Cannon Hill Park:

    Cannon Hill Park is another enchanting park of Birmingham which is located in the southern part of the town and incorporates 250 acres area in its whole region. The park is incorporating formal conservation, woodland and sports areas in its wide terrain. The park was built in the year 1873, which was extended to the current form eventually year after year and has emerged with a whole new captivating appearance that lures the visitors more dynamically. The entire area contains Birmingham nature centre, the Mac theatre, a flawless cricket ground, bronze memorial, scout memorial, Elan valley Reservoirs, along with a fantastic lake and a perfect picnic area. People can spend their time by boating, fishing, playing, walking activities in this gripping place. Cannon Hill park.

  12. Bullring Birmingham:

    Bullring Birmingham is one more must visit the place of this city, which is a major commercial area of the centre Birmingham. The whole area is consisting 140 stores which are divided into 4 floors, an extremely extended vicinity of 125,300 square meters place under this market. This area enhances two different shopping centers which are constructed in two different eras. The current shopping centre is one of the busiest markets of the United Kingdom. If you are a shopaholic then, you must stopover by this place once to witness the wideness of contemporary market of UK!https://www.bullring.co.uk/

  13. Cadbury World:

    Cadbury World is one of the chief tourist attractions of the Birmingham city that is an artificial site featuring self-guided exhibition tour creator by the owner of the Cadbury Company. This spot was created in the year 1990 on the Cadbury’ Bournville manufacturing site. After managing the consistency in development, this spot has become such valuable tourists’ spot of this country. Here people can take a factory tour, discover chocolate history, and learn about Cadbury and other confectionary manufacturing. Recently a 4D chocolate adventure and a 3D cinema escalate the popularity of this pace among the kids to the utmost.https://www.cadburyworld.co.uk/

  14. Aston Hall:

    Aston Hall is one more highly esteemed tourists’ spot of Birmingham which is a grade I listed Jacobean prodigy house that is situated in Aston Street of the city. The whole construction of the building was completed in the year 1635. This place is valued for holding the first historic country house of the town in such beautiful pattern! Currently, this place is considered as the community museum of the city which beautifully renovated in the year 2009. This hall is generally open to the public only during the summer season, which incorporates ancient furniture, paintings, textiles, and metalwork collections to maintain in a delicate way. This hall enchantingly decorates with thousands of candle lights during the commemorations of Christmas. Millions of visitors come to this place to witness this heavenly view of the hall from the different sides of the world!http://www.birminghammuseums.org.uk/aston/visit

  15. The Pen Museum:

    The Pen Museum is one magnificent place to visit among the all famous places of Birmingham city, which is mainly dedicated to the educating visitors about the history of the city’s steel pen trade. This place is extremely noted in the whole continent for being the only museum of the United Kingdom that is devoted to the history of the pen making industry. This place will also show you that how this city eventually had become the centre of the world pen trade during the revolution. Calligraphy is the main theme of this museum where you can find a nice shop as well which is always available with a huge array of books, pens, writing related memorabilia and gifts.Apart from the above mentioned place, you can also visit National Motorcycle Museum, Coffin Works, Genting Arena, Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, Birmingham railway station, Thinktank Science Museum, St. Philip’s Cathedral, etc. place in your Birmingham visit.

#15 Special Things to do in Birmingham, UK: Best Attractions of United Kingdom