#10 Things to do in Cardiff: Attractions and Best Restaurants Cardiff United Kingdom

Cardiff: Cardiff is the capital city of Wales in the United Kingdom, which is basically a port territory and regarded for its spectacular civic exquisiteness. This city is exactly situated on the south coast of Wales, near the River Taff, where it meets the Severn Estuary, which increases the attractiveness of this place more widely!

Things to do in Cardiff United Kingdom

Things to do in Cardiff United Kingdom

Earlier, it was only a regular port city of the country, but, eventually, after being the chief connector for several regions, in the year 1955, this city had proclaimed as the capital of Wales. This is a true metropolitan place, where the utmost dwellers survive in town dilemma and spend their lives in urban style. According to the latest census, the city has an approximate population of 3.5 lacks people and among them, the foremost people are doing jobs for the regular livelihoods.

This city is enriched with myriad attractions in its little vicinity, which make this place much esteemed as one of the top tourists’ places of the country, and make tourism the main economic venture of this region! If, you are planning to visit this port city on your next vacation then, here is a brief description of top things to do in here, which will surely help your out in this endeavor. Let’s check this out-

Top Things to do in Cardiff:

  1. Cardiff Bay:

    Things to do in Cardiff United kingdom - flickr image

    Cardiff bay things to do in Cardiff – Flickr Image

    Cardiff Bay is a notable area that is created by the Cardiff Barrage in the south Cardiff, which is basically a regeneration project and considered as one of the best projects among its other equivalents.The Cardiff Bay is now supplied by two rivers of the city, Taff, and Ely to form a 500-acre freshwater lake around the past dockland area. The located area is extended to the south of the city centre where more or fewer three-quarters are surrounded by the lands. This bay plays a major part towards the development of this city as it has lent a huge hand to export the coal from south Wales to the world market. The bay was built in the late 20th century and since then; it only benefices the country from every possible aspect.

    After watching the huge interest of people, the organizers have made some delightful features to this project for decorating the whole area in a beautiful way. They have made superbly designed wetland walkway in Cardiff bay, emphasized the whole area with beautiful lights, adorned the spot with sculptures, etc. People also come to see the Senedd, Bay Barrage Lock, Sea view from the Bay, the Three Bascule Bridge, Bay Barrage Control Room, etc. to this place.

  2. National Museum Cardiff:

    National Museum Cardiff Things to do in united kingdom - geograph.org.uk

    National Museum Cardiff Things to do in united kingdom – geograph.org.uk

    National museum of Cardiff is situated in the Civic Centre of the city, which holds the significance of archaeology, geology, historical collections, and art collections of the whole country! The main building was established in the year 1905 and granted as the proprietor of natural historical treasures in the year 1907. Later on, in the year 1912, a new building was included in this museum that was considered as the Cardiff library with massive collections of millions of books.Right now, the museum is enriched with the huge compilations of archaeological, botanical, geological and zoological instances along with fine and applied art collections. It also displays the evolutionism of different eras and its extinct creatures including dinosaurs. You can also see the fossils, the Bronze-age weapons, ancient paintings, sculptures, and ceramics spanning five centuries. This museum is gladdened science lovers as well as the art devotees in one receptacle with its versatile collection. If you are a ‘museum person’ then, you must not miss the golden opportunity of exhibiting the prehistoric instances of this place, and should visit here at least once in your UK trip!

    Location and contact: Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NP, +44 29 2039 7951

  3. Cardiff Castle:

    Cardiff Castle Things to do in cardiff united kingdomCardiff Castle is that place, which you just have to stopover if you ever come to visit the UK in your entire life because it is probably the main attraction of this city as well as this country! The main castle was built in the late 11th century in the centre of the city and was renovated in the mid of 12th century with the whole stone exterior. But, after the delicate period of the Second World War, this building was reconstructed in some new twists and had come under the command of the UK Government and Wales authority.Nowadays, the castle is regarded as one of the chief attraction of Cardiff city, especially for the ‘firing line, regimental museum and the interpretation centre. People also come to see the Clock Tower, the Chapel, the Banqueting Hall, the ancient Murals and the Ornate Fireplace, in this castle. Earlier the Castle had three fortresses in one main building but later, a large, artificial moat with highly decorated embellishments had been added by its former owner to create the magic of the Castle more mesmerizing! Millions of tourists come to visit this place every single year from different regions and feel delighted with its each artistic drift.

    Location and contact number:Castle St, Cardiff CF10 3RB, +44 29 2087 8100.

  4. Millennium Stadium:

    Things to do in Cardiff UNited Kingdom Millennium StadiumMillennium Stadium, which is also known as the Principality Stadium is one of the most advanced sports destination, not only in the state but in the whole United Kingdom as well! Thus, this stadium gets thousands of visitors in every single day, who come from the different corner of this galaxy.The stadium was technically built in the year 1995 but, it grandly emerged in the year 1999 when the Rugby World Cup had performed here with a majestic style. Earlier, the stadium had a capacity of holding 53, 000 seats at once, which were escalated later and now it has been increasing more than 80,000 audiences at one time! This place is regarded as the heaven for every sports lover, which is extended around 394 ft in length and 256ft in width with a Desso surface. Numerous sports teams had played several national level tournaments here, which cater this place an extra magnetism to lure the visitors more vigorously. The advanced architecture of this stadium helps to execute other events at this platform, effortlessly; like the music concerts, motorsports, etc.

    Location and contact number:Westgate St, Cardiff CF10 1NS, +44 29 2082 2432.

  5. Caerphilly Castle:

    Caerphilly Castle Cardiff

    Caerphilly Castle Cardiff

    Caerphilly Castle is another wonderful, spot to visit in the Cardiff city, which is actually a medieval fortification in Caerphilly in the South Wales. This divining castle is surrounded by some extensive artificial lakes which truly increase the beauty of the fort more spectacularly.The castle was built in the year 1290 which took almost 22 years to accomplish entirely. The exterior of the building is made of the pennant sandstone and concrete which has a large gatehouse in its small area. The most exciting part of this castle is that it had the exclusive eastern defense pattern, which had helped the owner a secure living during the delicate period of World Wars. The whole castle is extended around 30 acres field, which is probably the second largest territory for a castle! People come to see the four full-size replicas of medieval artillery pieces in this castle along with the fortress view and boating experience in the lakes. If you are looking for a thrilling historical experience then, you must stopover this place in your UK visit to get some cherish reminiscences of a prehistoric castle!

    Address and contact number:+44 292088 3143, Castle St, Caerphilly CF83 1JD.

  6. Wales Millennium Centre:

    Things to do in Cardiff Wales Millennium

    Wales Millennium

    Wales Millennium Centre is an art centre which is situated in the Cardiff city, around the Cardiff Bay area, that holds a terrain of 4.7 acres, with its two huge phases. This is one of freshest spots of this city which has constructed in the year 2004 (the first phase) and 2009 (the second phase).The whole centre is divided into two different phases; the first phase incorporates the Donald Theatre and the Weston Studio Theatre; while the second phase includes the BBC Hoddinott Hall in its single torso. The centre already has hosted the performances of Opera, Ballet, Dance, and Theater along with musical concerts; and the versatility has been improved years after years! You can also witness the orchestra shows, comedy shows, along with some literature related performances. The main building open from 10am till 6pm regularly and tickets for side seeing is truly reasonable, which lure more tourists to this exclusively constructed Wales Millennium Centre.

    Address and contact number: +44 29 2063 6464, Bute Pl, Cardiff Bay CF10 5AL.

  7. Llandaff Cathedral:

    Llandaff Cathedral Things to do in Cardiff - Image M J Richardson

    Llandaff Cathedral Things to do in Cardiff – Image M J Richardson

    Llandaff Cathedral is another mentionable place to go in this Cardiff city, which is an Anglican cathedral in Llandaff of Cardiff and situated at the centre of the city. The cathedral was founded in the year 1120 in the pattern of Roman Catholic, though after the destructive effects of World Wars, it was renovated for several times. Currently, the original church is no longer extant and it is only the rebuilt part of the cathedral which we get!Earlier it was extended more than 28 feet long and 15 feet wide along with a 20-feet height, though after the reconstruction, it had been decreasing itself from each aspect! This cathedral is one of the oldest churches in the country and the chief attraction of this city which holds hundreds of significant burials in its Tomb section. After from the tombs, people used to visit this cathedral to flaunt the divining interior beauty of the church. The Beethoven Missa Solemnis, VIVALDI-FOUR SESSIONS, Christmas by Candlelight Tour, etc. are a few noted rituals of this cathedral which people come to see here. The church gate opens every day at 9am and closes at the 6pm.

    Location + contact number: Cathedral Cl, Cardiff CF5 2LA, +44 29 2056 4554.

  8. Bute Park:

    Things to do in Cardiff United Kingdom

    Bute Park Cardiff

    The Bute Park is one major and huge park of the Cardiff city which is filled with some blissful landscaping views. This park is extended around 130 acres gardens and with massive parkland.The park was landscaped somewhere in the late eighteenth century, but it was officially decorated and presented as a top visiting place of the city since the year 1947. The Taff River literally increases the attractiveness of the park more widely, which not only makes the park flawless scenery but at the same time caters a rejuvenating fresh air to the whole circumstance! You can find an eye-catching combo of the arboretum, flower garden and recreation grounds in just one single receptacle! Though the foremost part of the garden is covered with grassland, yet, there is some abundance of woodland and tree-lined avenues along with some nice seating places. Thus, this amazing spot is regarded as one of the best family places in the country.

    Contact and location: North Rd, Cardiff CF10 3DX, +44 29 2087 2087.

  9. Cardiff University:

    Cardiff University Things to do in cardiffCardiff University is another mentionable place for the travelers, which embraces the value of historic architecture of the old educational institutions in its every single block. The University was founded in the year 1883 with the name of ‘University College of South and Monmouthshire’, which had transformed several times and finally came as current form!Earlier it was affiliated with other university but, since the year 2005, the Cardiff University has become an independent university or own degree awarding power, which handles more than 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in every single session. The Cathays Park is the chief attraction of this place which holds the main building, the housing administrative facilities, the Bute building and the science library, for what, the utmost visitors come to this university building during their UK trip.

    Cardiff University Contact Detials: Cardiff CF10 3XQ, +44 29 2087 4000.

  10. The Red Castle:

    castell coch Things to do in cardiff united kingsom

    Castell Coch – Red Castle things to do in Cardiff

    The red castle is last but definitely not the list attraction of this city, which is located in the Tongwynlais town of the Cardiff city. This castle was made in Gothic pattern with red stones and that’s why it is known as a ‘Red Castle’ to the world.The prototype of this castle is so fantasized and enchanting that you can find the similar pattern in several fairy tales or enchanted movies of this decade. The castle was built at the end of 19th century and reconstructed after a few decades, which keep the condition of this building so perfect till today! The lavish interior is the main attraction of this place, besides the super classic exterior. The Aesop’s fables, animal features, informative displays and touch screens are some new addition to this castle, which definitely escalates the charisma of this beautiful castle more dynamically.

    Contact Details: Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7JS, +44 29 2081 0101.

    You can also visit these below mentioned places once in your Cardiff trip, apart from these abovementioned spots, let’s take a look-

    St. Fagans: National History Museum, Roath Park, Techniques, Mermaid Quay, River Rafting, National Assembly, Pierhead Building, New Theater, Mini Golf, etc.

Top 10 Restaurants in the Cardiff City:

Restaurants are undoubtedly the best attractions of a metropolitan city, and it is not exceptional for the Cardiff city as well! Thus, here we are referring top 10 restaurants in Wales as well as Cardiff, where every tourists and dweller must visit once in their entire Cardiff trip, let’s take a look-

Elgano Italian Restaurant: This is the perfect place for any Italian preparations or pizza, which has also shown its versatility in the vegetarian food as well as in Mediterranean food!

Elango Italian restaurant cardiff

Nant Restaurant: This is the best place for French and European food which situated at the central of the city and thus easy to detect from any corner of the city.

Café Citta: Café Citta is another mentionable place to eat where you can find Gluten free food at a truly reasonable price along with some tasty Italian recipes.

The Clink restaurant: If you are an experimenter of different types of food then it is the best place for you, which can serve you some truly scrumptious contemporary foods in various categories.

Saray Restaurant: This also one notable place for foodies, which is specialized in Turkish, Halal and Middle Eastern preparations along with some famous European items.

Oz Urfa: Oz Urfa is another mentionable place for tasty Turkish foods, where you can also get some Mediterranean food with healthy twists!

Da Mara: Da Mara is another noted place for Italian and Mediterranean preparations, which also serves some juicy soft drinks and expensive hard drinks in its dinner session.

Mokesh: If you are looking for some truly delicious Indian or Asian food then, Mokesh is the best place to go, where you can get some Gluten free items as well, along with the spicy Indian recipes.

Locke and Remedy: Lock and Remedy is a bar cum restaurant of the city Cardiff where you can get Indian, American, Italian, and British food in one single place.

Shaam Nights: Shaam Nights is the particular place where you can get Lebanese food in true mouthwatering form! You can fetch the delicious Mediterranean, Halal and Middle Eastern food from here as well!

#10 Things to do in Cardiff: Attractions and Best Restaurants Cardiff United Kingdom