#10 Special Things to do in Bradford & 10 Best Restaurants in Bradford


Bradford is a divining city in West Yorkshire, UK, which is basically a metropolitan borough of England that has received its charter as a city since the year 1897. Depending on the final census, this city has a population of approximately 2 million people, and now it is regarded as the fourth largest urban city in the country.

Things to do in Bradford United Kingdom Great Britain

Things to do in Bradford – Image Courtesy Clivebrook

This beautifully designed city has various natural and historical treasures in its little area, which make this place so esteemed among the world terrain. But, there was one more excellence of this metro, which had built the fame of Bradford even more powerfully in the field of the world market and that is the predominance of wools! For the period of the 19th century, the entire west part of the Yorkshire had become the international centre of the textile manufacture, which was specialized in wool. Though, during the mid 20th century, the textile sector of the city had fallen down and since then, this place has become a noted tourists destinations among the world territory with countless attractions and civic beauty.

Although, is it tough to mention every single conspicuous place of this rich city in a single article, yet we are referring top 10 famous spots of this place along with a brief info in this article below, let’s take  look-

Things to Do in Bradford:

  1. Alhambra Theatre Bradford:

    Things to do in bradford alhambra theatreThis is one of the best places to visit in the entire west Yorkshire region which is basically a dining theatre in Jacksonville. According to the methods, Alhambra Theatre is the oldest continually operating dinner theatre of the USA and the only professional resident theatre in the province south of Atlanta, east of NO and north of Orland.The main building was built in the year 1967, but this emerged as a regular theater since the year 1984 by its owner Tod Booth and his theater-loving family. This platform is so noted among the actors of the entire UK that several TV personas, celebrities, opera cast members, hosts of popular game shows, etc. have been appeared in this stage to demonstrate some glimpses of their talents! People, who are not interested in such theater or opera things, should also visit this spot once to see the architecture style of the oldest theater in the country!
    Contact Address: Morley St, Bradford BD7 1AJ, +44 1274 432000.

  2. Saltaire Village:

    Things to do in bradford united kingdom Saltaire VillageSaltaire Village is another must visit the place of the city, which is filled with various historical sites and ostentatious landscaping views. This is originally a Victoria model village that is located in Shipley near the river Aire, a major part of the city of Bradford metropolitan district.This is a well designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is also regarded as being the Anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. This Saltaire was built after founding the village by Sir Titus Salt in the year 1851 when it had become a central industry of wool and cotton mills. Eventually, the mills were felt down, but the historical value and the natural attractiveness of this place haven’t faded a bit till today. Thus, countless travelers came by this spot to visit the concert hall, science laboratory, park, boat house, gymnasium, almshouses, allotments, etc. besides the extravagant beauty of the village. If you are craving for some picturesque landscape then, Saltaire village is the perfect place to stopover.

  3. Bradford National Media Museum:

    This is a specialty museum, which is a part of the Science Museum Group and patronizes the photography film and television industry from every aspect. The main building was established in the year 1983, on June 16th with 7th floors and an IMAX screen along with some mind-blowing galleries.Earlier, the museum was only demonstrating photography, animation videogaming, scientific principles behind media projects and internet presentations in its every exhibition. But, later on, the museum has started prognostic several television projects and famous film festivals, which increases the popularity of this museum more vigorously in the world region! Consequently, this National Media Museum has elected the best indoor attraction of Yorkshire territory by the public and millions of visitors. We must recommend to each tourist for tripping to this exclusive museum once of their UK visit, whether he or she is a media person or not!
    Contact Phone and Address: +44 844 856 3797, Little Horton Ln, Bradford BD1 1NQ.

  4. Salts Mill Bradford:

    Things to do in Bradford united kingdom salts millThis is a former textile mill, where people also could know the beauty of historical sites, and historical museum apart from a perfect mill system of the ancient times! Currently, this mill is embellished as an art gallery, shopping centre, and a restaurant complex in Saltaire, Bradford.This mill was built in the year 1853 and work as the main textile mill of the country till the year 1986. Earlier, there was only one single building which was furnished with the proper equipment, but later a few decades, a new building was included on the opposite side of the old building that is also being an attraction for several tourists from all over the world. If you ever curious to know the historical architecture and the real pattern of an antique mill, then, you must stopover here once in your UK trip!
    Contact and Location: +44 1274 531163, Victoria Rd, Shipley, Saltaire BD18 3LA.

  5. Bingley Five Rise Locks:

    Things to do in bradford Bingley Five Rise LocksThis one chief point of interest of this city, which is basically one staircase lock with five different stages on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Bingley, that’s why it is known as the ‘Bingley Five Rise Locks’. People love to visit this spot to enjoy the boating which passes through the lock by lifting or lowering in-between five stages.This staircase has six gates on its five chambers which individually has the length of 14to 15 feet wide. This place is full of fun and enjoyment which make this one of the noted places of the city. To control any kind of harm or damages of the novice boater, the organizers have appointed one trained lock keeper to this site, who will guide the boater during their roller coaster boating journey through the entire process. If you have kids or affectionate towards the thrilling experience, then you must visit this spot one time in your whole lifetime!. Address: Beck Ln, Bingley BD16 4DS, .

  6. Bradford Industrial Museum:

    Bradford Insdustrial Museum things to do in united kingdomThis one is a specialized museum in relics of local manufacturing and textile machinery, which was established in the year 1947 in Moorside Mills. The main building has several floors among them; the ground floor is adorned as a popular gallery of old and antique types of machinery.This museum was a textile factory at the beginning of time, but, after the World War session, the clock tower was built here as the war memorial by the government of the country. After that, in the year 1970, the city council had brought the mill and represented it as a museum to the world. The main building has a huge parking area, rotating landing derrick, a lavish entrance and a mesmerizing interior, which hold the popularity of this museum spectacularly to the tourists. The Horse emporium is one of the major attractions of this place.
    Address and Contact number: +44 1274 435900, Moorside Mills, Moorside Rd, Bradford BD2 3HP.

  7. Robert Park:

    Robert Park is a public urban park, which is broadened with 14 acres space in Higher Coach Road. The park looks more delightful because of the Aire River which bound the park to the south, where a pretty pedestrian footbridge crosses the River and links the park to the village of Saltaire.The park was designed and laid out in the year 1850, but finally inaugurated in the year 1871 with some heavenly decorated garden appliances and natural views. This park is so popular among the city dwellers and the tourist that it is also known as the People’s Park in the world. Visitors usually do boating or swimming in the River while come to visit this place. They also spend several quality times by seating on the bench of the park, waking throughout the landside, living in the luxurious boat houses, and enjoying the site seeing during their Robert Park visit.

    Address and Contact:  +44 1274 431000.

  8. Baildon Moor:

    Baildon Moor BradfordThis is a civil parish and a tiny town that is located in the north part of Bradford city, England. This town has a valuable historical method because of its amazing location between two historical boundaries. The Baildon has two manor houses which are considered as the chief attractions of this place.During the period of the industrial revolution, this place has become a wool industry as well, but after a few decades, the Baildon building and the town is still regarded on the noted historical spots of the city with various revolutionary instances. Despite the several momentous characteristics, the town gradually transforms into an urban place and now has developed as a commuter town of the city. Terrorists generally come to this place to the prehistoric example of Gypsy culture as this was one of the important locations for Gypsy community. You can also visit the pleasure ground, Harley-Davidson rally, several moors, Catton stones, Baildon green, once stopover by this spot.

    Address and contact:Hawksworth, Baildon Moor and Shipley Glen. Number: 01274 437942

  9. Tong Garden Centre:

    Tong Garden Centre Things to do in Bradford United KingdomTong Garden Centre is another must visit the place of Bradford and the biggest independent garden centre of the Yorkshire region till now! The garden is extended with 17 acres fascinating countryside area with a huge parking place, unlimited free wifi and captivating view of nature.You can find here some breathtaking garden views where you can find some well-designed outdoor furniture along with the solar lighting, which makes the place more attractive from each aspect! The place is also decorated with several retail shops of books, gifts, home appliances, accessories, greeting cards, etc. You can also find Maidenhead Aquatics, Bon Marche, Klass, award-winning farm shops and farm kitchen to visit in this place. Tourists also magnetize by the other outdoor adventures of this garden centre like, zip wire, trim tail, giant jumping pillow, coin operated ride-on cars, etc. So, if you want to spend some exciting hours in the city of Bradford, you must come to this place once in your whole trip.

    Address and Contact: +44 113 285 3506, Tong Ln, Tong Village, Bradford BD4 0RY.

  10. Bradford Cathedral:

    Bradford Cathedral Things to do in United KingdomEverybody search for a sacred place whenever to go for a vacation or family trip and like other popular tourists spots, Bradford has gladdened with a holy and historic cathedral as well! The complete name of this church is the Cathedral Church of St. Peter which is also known as the Bradford Parish Church

    .Bradford Cathedral was built in the year 1965 which was started somewhere in c. 1400! If you are wondering that what takes so long to be accomplished the entire cathedral then, you must come here to see the ostentatious beauty of a prehistoric church in gothic style, and then, you will know get the perfect answer. The building exterior and the interior clerestory hold the main historical value of the building since the 8th century, which lure the utmost tourists from different religion from all over the galaxy. At the beginning of the 21st century, the authorities of the church have inaugurated the museum portion including the ancient cathedral which is considered the chief desirability of the foremost travelers.

    Address and Contact: Stott Hill, Bradford BD1 4EH. +44 1274 777720.

    Here are some more suggestions on the top tourists’ attractions of Bradford city, which are also individually enriched with historical value and entertaining method, let’s check them out-

    Shipley glen Cable Tramway, Lister Park, St. Leonards Farm Park, Cartwright Hall, the Broadway Centre, Bradford City Hall, etc. along with some fantastic bars, and casinos.

Top 10 Restaurants in the Bradford:

Bradford is the city of some superbly talented restaurants, thus, it is quite hard to mention only one or two best places among them! Thus, we are referring top 10 places among them with their specialization and location in this article ahead, let’s take a look-

  1. Classic Persian Restaurant is probably the best one among its other equivalents, which is specialized scrumptious Persian foods and situated in 368 Little Horton Lane of the main city.Classic Perssian Restaurant best restaurants in bradford
  2. The Stansfield Arms is another magnificent place to eat in Bradford, which is specialized in European preparation along with some fine hard drinks and situated in Apperley lane.
  3. The Imperial is another mentionable restaurant of the city, which is famous for super tasty Chinese recipes and situated in 60 Saltaire Road. According to the latest reviews, this one is regarded as one of the best places for Chinese recipes in the whole country!
  4. MyLahore is a spectacular place for any foodie, which is specialized in Asian, Indian, Pakistani and Afghani recipes. This one is located in the Great Horton Road of the main city.
  5. If you are looking for the tasty Italian food than Emily’s by De Luca Boutique is the best place for you, which serves some mouthwatering Italian and British preparation in a reasonable price that is located in Thornton market Street of Bradford city.
  6. Several people have a fetish for Thai food and for those seekers My Thai Restaurant is definitely the best place to visit! This place has shown some real versatility in vegetarian dishes apart from the Thai food, which is located on Kingsley Road of the city.
  7. Bangkok Thai Restaurant is another superb place for Thai foods, which is also specialized in some tasty Asian preparations and Gluten free foods that are situated in East Parada road of Bradford.
  8. If you are looking for a nice bar cum restaurant in this city then Guzelian Café Bar Gallery is one magnificent place to go where you can get delicious food along with some refreshing drinks with affordable price tag. This one is located in the Church Bank road near the Cathedral.
  9. White House Inn is one more mentionable place for eating that is basically a pub cum restaurant, specialized British foods and located in Well Heads, Thornton of the main city.
  10. People, who are crazy for grill foods can try out the Dhesi Grill restaurant which is specialized in any barbecue preparation and situated in Lilycorft Road of Bradford city.
#10 Special Things to do in Bradford & 10 Best Restaurants in Bradford