#14 Top Things to do in Bristol, UK: Attractions and 10 Best Restaurants

Bristol: Bristol is a renowned city of England, which located beside the River Avon in the Southwest part of the country. This city is highly valued because of its ostentatious maritime history that makes this place ‘a must watch’ region of the entire UK territory. Bristol is also regarded as a unitary authority area and country because of its several precious assessments.

Bristol is deemed as one of the populous places not only in England but, also in the whole UK! According to the recent census, this little province has a population of 450,000 people in the year 2016. The utmost Bristolians spend their regular livelihood by doing different kinds of occupations and businesses. One of the most applauding qualities of this advanced city is that it has a great educational dilemma for various streams. Mentionable in this regards that the two most renowned universities of UK are situated here with some easily accessible transport routes, like mainline rail stations, airports, etc. which make this region even more precious to the world!

This contemporarily designed city enhances numerous attractions in its each corner, which you should not miss a bit if you ever come to this area for a vacation! Thus, here we are referring some top attractions of this city with a brief introduction that will surely help you out in your Bristol visit, let’s check this out-

Things to do in Bristol:

  1. Clifton Suspension Bridge:

    Things to do in Bristol , Cliftion suspension bridgeThe Clifton Suspension Bridge is a postponement bridge that is spanning the Avon Gorge and the River Avon to link the Clifton with the city Bristol. The bridge was built in the year 1864 with red sandstone material, which is broadening 1,352ft in length and 31 ft in width. The bridge is above 331ft up from the water level and securely made with three individual wrought iron chains on each side of the bridge. This bridge is the landmark of the city that is also regarded as the symbol of Bristol terrain, which seems the main magnetism for the millions of tourists of various countries!

  2. Cabot Tower Brandon Hill:

    Things to do in Bristol Cabot Tower

    Things to do in Bristol Cabot Tower

    Cabot Tower is another must watch a spot of this city that is located in a public park on Brandon Hill, near the city centre. This tower was basically built in the year 1890 to memorialize the 400th anniversary of the journey of sailor John Cabot. The tower was damaged from few aspects and ha renovated entirely in the year 2011. Since then, the visitors of foremost countries come to see this prosperous tower even more vigorously! The tower is 105ft high in length and built from red sandstone along with cream bath stone for the embellishments and highlighting. If you reach the balcony of the tower, you will get a never forgetting the heavenly view of the city to cherish your whole Bristol trip!

  3. Brunel’s SS Great Britain:

    Things to do in Bristol Brunnel SS Great BritainBrunel’s SS Great Britain is a museum ship and a former passenger steamship, which is one of the highest attractions of Bristol city. This one was launched in the year 1843, with a length of 3,674ft and 50ft 6inch in beam size. The ship was not only decorated with the best urban designs of that century but, at the same time, considered as the biggest ship of the earth during the year 1845to 1854! The ship had a capacity of holding 730 passengers at once and 1,200 tons cargo, which was attended by 130 marine officers and crew. This SS Great Britain holds several historical methods in its torso which instigates millions of visitor to stopover her from the different corner of this world.To know more details about the first iron steamer ship.

  4. St. Mary Radcliffe Church:

    St. Mary Radcliffe Church is that sacred place of the Bristol city, which is visited by thousands of visitors every day, apart from the Bristolians. This is one of the noted spots of the country, which is basically a parish cathedral that is affiliated with the Anglican community. The church is located in the Radcliffe district of Bristol, near the city Temple Meads that was built somewhere in the 15th century in the Gothic architecture pattern. The fascinating exterior and the captivating interior of this church make this one the exclusive churches of the continent. The Lady Chapel room, the clerestory windows, the monument of William Penn, the north Porch, the lierne vault, etc. are some famous places of this church, which lure the tourist more dynamically towards this place.To know more details, please check the link below-

  5. Bristol City Docks:

    Bristol City Docks Things to do in united kingdom

    Bristol City Docks Things to do in united kingdom

    Bristol City Dock was a harbor’s master office which was involved in the handling of boats or ships at the entrance or exit point of the city shore. The dock covers an area of 70 acres that was built in the 13th century and currently famous as one of main interest point of Bristol city. People come to witness the city harbor and various mariners’ activities to this place. One of the most appreciating advantages of this spot is that you can experience some other interesting side-seeing places as well, near to this dock, like, M shed, the main city harbor, Avon River, etc.

  6. Arnos Vale Cemetery:

    Things to do in Bristol Arnos Vale Cemetery

    Arnos Vale Cemetery

    Arnos Vale Cemetery is another chief attraction of the city Bristol, which lures almost million of visitors from the different places of this world for every single year till today since its foundation, for one of the oldest cemeteries of UK! The cemetery was built in the year 1837 in Arnos Vale, while the very first burial of this cemetery happened in the year 1839. It incorporates several buildings and monuments along with the Church of England Mortuary Chapel in its wide territory. The entrance lodges, gates, and the screen wall are spectacularly renovated in the year 2003 by the government of the country.

  7. Bristol Cathedral:

    Bristol Cathedral things to do united kingdom

    Bristol Cathedral – Flickr Image

    Bristol Cathedral is anther superb tourist attraction of this city, which is mostly appreciated for its antiquity and historical architecture. The church was established in the year 1140 and consecrated after 8 years of its foundation day. Earlier the church was built under the denomination of the Roman Catholic community and in the pattern of Gothic revival style. After a few reconstruction sessions, the main building has emerged in this current shape. This 300 ft lengthen church is enriched with some highly fascinating spots like the Berkeley Tomb, Effigy of John Newland, reredos, Harrowing of Hell panel, countless memorial monuments, Rowland search field, etc.

  8. Wills Memorial Building:

    Things to do in Bristol Wills Memorial Building

    Things to do in Bristol Wills Memorial Building

    Wills Memorial Building, which is also known as Wills Tower, is a Neo-Gothic building. This was built to the memory of Henry Overton Wills III and had made by his two, deserve sons. The tower was started in the year 1915 and had ended in the year 1925, which has a length of 215ft from the ground. This tower is located near the top of the Park Street in the central part of the city that makes this spot a well-accessible place from each corner of Bristol. The tower is made of reinforced concrete along with bath and clipsham stone and has a classic adornment with octagonal lantern along with a massive bell.

  9. Bristol Zoo Gardens:

    Things to do in Bristol Zoo United KingdomBristol Zoo Garden is one ‘must watch’ for the kids, which is noted for preserving some specific wild animal in its organized captivity. The zoo is extended around 12 acres area with a gigantic main building along with a mesmerizing garden. The zoo was opened in the year 1836 with hundreds of animal, which number is now extended to 7155 animal, as per the latest calculation! The authority has shown aptitude by validating Zona Brazil, Seal, Penguin coast and Gorzilla Island more wonderfully among all kind of species. The wildlife collection of this zoo and exclusive embellishment of the garden have been the main magnetism of this place from the beginning of the time.

  10. Bristol Old Vic Theatre:

    Bristol Old Vic Things to do in Bristol

    Bristol Old Vic Image- Localworld.co.uk

    Bristol Old Vic is a British theatre company based at the Theatre Royal Bristol near the King Street of the city. This theatre was established in the year 1766 and reconstructed in the year 1972, which had helped this famous spot being too flawless till today! The present theatre complex is designed in a complete urban style with a capacity of 540 audience seats along with 150 studio members. The theatre complex, the fly tower, the antique architectural designs, etc. are a few chief attractions of this place.

  11. Cabot Circus Shopping Centre:

    Cabot Circus is a famous shopping centre of the city Bristol, which is located at the Broadmead district of the city. The whole area contains 140 shops, offices, multiplexes, hotels and some highly decorated contemporary apartments. The market is extended around 1,000,000 sq ft area with a huge parking lot space. This is literally the paradise for shopaholic people where you can buy almost every single required thing within multiple alternatives. If you come to Bristol, we will recommend you to visit this place at least once in the entire trip, and you won’t regret it from any aspect for sure!

  12.  At-Bristol Science Museum:

    At-bristol Things to do in United Kingdom


    At-Bristol is one more mentionable place to visit which is basically a science museum and charity centre of the city that has become one of the famous tourist spots of this country, since a few decades! This place is one of the freshest spots of this city, which was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Richard Gregory. The centre is mainly used for projecting exhibitions, experiments and theoretical programs related to the science. This museum has a planetarium, which students could use on their several projects, thus it is also renowned as a science learning centre of the city.

  13. Oakham Treasures:

    Oakham Treasures the largest privately owned museum of the whole England territory, which is dedicated to the retail and the farm history of the country. This place is mostly famous for being the best entertaining spot for kids and family travelers. You can find numbers of retail and farming related appliances in this museum from the 20th century along with some fascinating farming vehicle collections. If you are ever wondering about a family place in the Bristol city then, this museum is the best one for you.

  14. Bristol Hippodrome:

    Bristol Hippodrome

    Bristol Hippodrome

    Bristol Hippodrome is an old theatre of the country the United Kingdom that is located in the centre of the city with a wide capability of 1,950 audiences at ones! This theatre was established in the year 1912 after designed by the English heritage that was opened with a massive water tank along with a protective glass screen, which makes this place so popular at its initial stage. Apart from the plays, several musical concerts, magic shows, dance performances, etc. also have been perfumed in the theatre on a regular basis. If you are a cultural person and has a soft corner for plays and theatres, then you must visit this place once in your Bristol trip.

    Besides these above-mentioned places, you can also find some other wonderful places in this city like-

    Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, M Shed, Room Escape, Queen Square, Aston court, Blaise Hamlet, Bristol Aquarium, Avon Valley Railway, The Georgian House Museum, etc.

Top 10 restaurants in the Bristol City:

If you are feeling confused where to go for taking proper scrumptious food in this big city, then here are short description about some best restaurants of this place to help you out in this attempt, take a look-

  • Urban Tandoor: This is one magnificent place to eat some healthy and super tasty foods, which has specialization in Indian, Asian and Halal preparations.
  • Bulrush: This one also one mentionable bistro to go where you can find delicious European and British food in a lavish circumstance!
  • Veeno: Veeno is a noted Italian restaurant of the town which offers perfect Italian preparations with some exclusive wine and other drinks.
  • Eat a Pitta: This is a famous place for having fast foods, vegetarian foods, gluten free foods, and Middle Eastern food in one single place.
  • Bravas: Bravas is an excellent place to eat in the whole Bristol city which serves extremely delicious food at an affordable price. Tasty Spanish and Mediterranean preparations are the specialties of this restaurant.
  • Don Giovanni’s: Don Giovanni’s is the best place for eating pizza or any other mouth-watering Italian preparations in the Bristol city of England.
  • Al Bacio: Al Bacio is a place where you can get some tasty seafood in a flawless condition. You can also have some scrumptious Italian, Mediterranean and European food here with the perfect taste.
  • Casamia: Casamia is a spectacular place for having lip smacking food, especially if you are a vegetarian! As, this one is specialized in vegetarian preparations, apart from the British and European foods.
  • Raj: if you an Asian origin and have a fetish for spicy Asian, Indian or Bangladeshi preparations, then, Raj is the best place for you to get some mouth-watering preparations for a reasonable price.
  • Wilks Restaurants: Wilks Restaurants is famous for serving extremely tasty French, and contemporary foods, in the city. This place has shown its versatility in other European and British dishes as well!
#14 Top Things to do in Bristol, UK: Attractions and 10 Best Restaurants