#10 Special Things to do in Coventry and Best Restaurants in Coventry

Coventry :

Coventry United kingdomCoventry is an industrial city in central England which is renowned as the 9th largest city in the country and 12th largest metro in the whole United Kingdom as well! This city is also valued as a metropolitan borough and incorporates countless attractions in its small territory. Thus, millions of travelers come to visit this place from the different corner of this world throughout the entire year, and seem delighted with its ostentatious beauty, gratifying hospitality, and lavish living style.

This city is situated in the West Midlands of the country England and approximately 95 miles northwest of the central London, which has a population of around 3 lacks 50 thousand people, depending on the last year census. The entire city is surrounded by some extremely beautiful towns from every single side. Thus, people, who ever come to visit this place once, can have the benefit of living in an administrative area that is surrounded by some highly professional metropolitan boroughs!

This city was technically founded by the Roman emperors in the period of c AD 700 and eventually transform as one of the major city of the country with its numerous magnetism. Today, we are going to enlighten you some of those highlighted places of this city which you must stopover once in your whole lifetime if you ever come by this place! Let’s check out some brief info on those Coventry attractions, in this article below-

Things to do in Coventry:

  1. Coventry Cathedral :

    Conventry things to do Coventry CathedralCoventry Cathedral is the chief attraction of this place since the very beginning of the time, which is also known as the St. Michael Cathedral. Cathedral was constructed in the year 1962 at the center of the city. Earlier it was designed as a gothic church, but later on transformed as a cathedral. Despite the building was built before the Second World War and bombing during the war, yet the interior is completely fascinating till today and lures several tourists from different religion because of its mesmerizing exquisiteness. You must take a trip at least one time to this cathedral, which holds the example of a historic structure in its every single brick!

  2.  Coventry Transport Museum :

    Transport Museum is one central attraction of Coventry which is basically a motor museum that houses a collection of British-made road transport, and situated at the center of the Coventry city.This place incorporates more than 250 cars and commercial vehicles, along with 100 motorcycles and 200 bicycles as the current time! Earlier, the Coventry city was regarded as the center of the British car industry, thus this museum is situated in this city and fulfill the curiosity of millions of vehicle lovers with its amazing variety. This museum has an archive department that deals with an array of historical items and offers a public information service that executes the visitors’ queries by answering their numerous questions on various transports of the museum.

  3. St Mary’s Guildhall:

    Things to do in coventry st marry's guildhallSt Mary’s Guildhall is another mentionable place of this city which is basically a history museum on a historical site that is regarded as an architectural building of the ancient time. The main building was built in the period of c. 1342 and then extended in the year c. 1430. The main building has a vaulted undercroft that is now served at a popular restaurant in the city.According to the historical description, the building was much versatile in each aspect at the earlier period, but, after the renovation and extension, the main architecture has converted in a more typical way than its previous patterns. Such as, the archways entrance, the columns of the portico, exterior stone work, etc. People, who love to visit momentous places, must come by this hall once.


  4. Coombe Abbey Country Park:

    Things to do in Coventry Coombe country parkCoombe Abbey Country Park is one more mentionable spot of Coventry city, which is the best day out a place for a true family vacation. If you are looking for an extravagant place with the perfect natures stroke in this city, then, this 500 acres beautiful garden area would definitely be the best place for them!This hugely extended place has several flowers, plants and sitting benches including heavenly decorated lakes, grass made a pathway and along with a royal mansion. People can visit woodland, take a lakeside walk, feel fascinating watching singing birds or sense the freshness of natural air at this place. So, if you are seeking for a fair stroll in a picturesque spot then, this park is the flawless place for you, along with your family or near and dear ones!

  5. Coventry Music Museum:

    The Coventry Music Museum is a must visit the place of Coventry, especially for those, who have a fetish for music! This place is considered as one of the best independent venue of the city which not only entertains the music lovers but at the same time offers you a great family time in a pretentious museum.In this museum, you can find the instruments and music files which are divided on the base of decades, like the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, till present times. Every year, the administrators of this museum arrange an exhibition of popular musical instruments along with some files of new age famous music personalities that lure more music enthusiasts towards this musical place. Instrument room seems the main attraction of this spot which mostly decorated with various ancient and contemporary musical instruments and offers verities of activities for kids.


  6. War Memorial Park Coventry:

    War Memorial Park Coventry Things to doWar Memorial Park is another significant place of Coventry to visit that is situated in the southern part of the city Coventry and incorporates almost 48.5 hectares area in its single torso! This is one of the largest parks in this country, which was inaugurated in the year 1921 in the memory of the dead conventions during the First World War to tribute their scarifies.The large grassed area was technically brought from the Lords of the Styvechale Manor to make an entertaining venue with a perfect garden view. Though the park was quite built in the late 1921 and accomplished within 1930 yet the most prominent construction the memorial monument was built in the year 1927 and since then, it is considered as the main attraction of this spot for the utmost Coventry visitors! There are flawless football pitches, perfect bowling greens, a pretty golf course, perfect tennis courts, a nice splash, and a skateboard area inside this park, which offer us numerous rejoice activity in this spot. The green flag is recently included in this park in July 2013 to bring more magnetism to this place.

    War Memorial Park

  7. Herbert Art Gallery Coventry Museum:

    Hebert art gallery museum things to do in coventryHerbert Art Gallery and Museum is one of the well-gathered places of this city which holds several attractions in just one single receptacle. It is not only a museum and art gallery but also a records archive, a learning center and a creative flair of the Coventry city as well as the England territory.The main building was established in the year 1930 but the Hebert was included in the year 1960 and since then, it entertains millions of visitors with its art treasures and museum pieces. This place currently runs by the cultural Coventry society of the city where entry is completely free for the each visitor. This mesmerizingly beautiful place derives economic support from the exhibitions and sales at the museum shops, apart from the donations, thus, visitors play an indirect role in the financial growth of this historic place.

    Art gallery and museum

  8. Coventry Ricoh Arena :

    Coventry things to do ricoh arenaRicoh Arena is the paradise for the sports devotees, which is originally a stadium complex that situated in the Rowleys Green district of the city Coventry. The city football club was planning a perfect stadium with massive capacity and better road link along with the huge parking facility when they come up with the idea of this stadium. The construction was started in the year 200 and completed in the late September of the year 2002.The Ricoh Arena was the very first cashless stadium in the United Kingdom where visitor uses a prepaid smartcard instead of a ticket or entry token. Though, earlier the seat of the stadium was expected at least 45,000 capacity with a retractable roof and sliding pitch along with a concrete floor, yet the final construction has emerged with a capability of 32,500 seats for the audiences. The entrance of the stadium is decorated with a large bronze statue of Jimmy Hill in the demand of the sports fans.

  9. Belgrade Theater :

    Coventry Attractions Things to do Belgrade TheaterBelgrade Theater another main attraction of the city Coventry which is a live performance venue with 858 seats along with a giant stage. According to the historical methods, this is the very first civic theater to be built later the delicate condition of the Second World War. It was built in the year 1958 and since then works as the chief of the fresh and innovative productions to promote the new talents to the world.This utterly captivating theater was renovated in the year 2007 and come up with more versatility from the entrance to the performing hall, every single portion. Several tourists visit this place during their Coventry visit to know the cultural side of the city. Prince Edward has officially inaugurated the theater after the latest renovation and Princess Alexandra has performed at the opening ceremony of this world famous theater to grab more attention from the world!

    Belgrade Theater

  10. Brandon Marsh Coventry Nature Reserve:

    Things to do in coventry Brandon marsh nature reserveBrandon Marsh is a Nature Reverse and a Site of Special Scientific Interest and appreciated for its exciting natural view. This place is situated adjacent to the river Avon, some mile east from the city Coventry and near the village of Brandon. This nature and wildlife area is enriched with natural beauty with some never-ending landscaping picturesque.This spot is stretched almost 92 hectares area where you can find gravel pits, scrublands, reedbeds, woodland, fen, etc. This place is mostly renowned for the significant birdlife and enchanted atmosphere. You can also find various types of plants, flowers, fungi here throughout the whole 228 acres area. The place is maintained as a natural treasure since the year 1940s and embellished with new, new decorations in every single year.

    Brandon Marsh

    If you are still looking some more exciting places in the Coventry city, you can try these few places out-

    Holy Trinity Church, Fargo Village, Horseback Riding Tours, Lady Godiva statue, Midland air Museum, Ryton Organic Garden, Allesley Park, Historic Spon Street, etc.

Top 10 Restaurants of Coventry:

Whenever we go out or stopover by a nice place, we always looking a perfect food court of a restaurant which could serve us some scrumptious food in a reasonable price! Thus, here are some top recommendations of some best restaurants from this metro city, let’s take a look-

  1. Ristorante Da Vinci is one best destination for spicy Italian food, which is situated in the Earlsdon St. of the city.
  2. Blue Bistro is one nicer place to go if you have a fetish for healthy and tasty grill food items, which is situated in the Spon St. of the city.
  3. Miller & Carter Coventry is another magnificent place to get excellent food along with refreshing drinks, which situated near the Kenpas Highway of the city.
  4.  If you are looking for some delicious Indian food in British country then, you must visit the Turmeric Gold Restaurant that could serve spicy Indian dishes in a warmly colored haunt, which is also situated in the Spon St. of the city.
  5. The Farmhouse is one more mentionable place where you can get both the British and Indian food with some divining taste, which is situated near the Beechwood Avenue of the city.
  6. The Ocean is another outstanding destination for some mouthwatering food which also serves hard drinks along with dinner and soft drinks. This restaurant is situated near the Jubilee Cres of the Coventry city.
  7. Cosmo Restaurant is one more excellent place to eat where you can find Asian and global banquet items in the menu, which is situated in the Corporation St. of Coventry.
  8. My Dhabba is another fantastic place for juicy Indian food which opens every day at 5 PM and popular for delicious dinner preparations, which is situated in Lower Holyhead Road.
  9. Thai Dusit is famous for serving traditional Thai dishes with perfect taste and reasonable price. This is a traditional place for Asian cuisine that situated in the London road of the Coventry city.
  10. The Artisan Bar and Grill is a splendid place in this city which offers use several scrumptious grill dishes with various continental touches. This restaurant is situated in Ryley St. of the city.


#10 Special Things to do in Coventry and Best Restaurants in Coventry