85 Vibrant Coffee Filter Craft Ideas for Kids

Coffee filter crafts are pretty cool yet simple crafts. You don’t have to rush to a nearby craft store for supplies, with just leftover filters, markers and little imagination you can create wonderful party decor items, butterflies, dolls, sun catchers, animals, and birds. Imperfection is the perfection here, so kids will love to show their creativity on these inexpensive craft supplies with marker scribbling and water and watch the colors blend to create a unique piece of art and am sure they will have hours of engaging fun. Now let us jump on to the best-handpicked coffee filter crafts

85 Colorful and Bright Coffee Filter Crafts

Diy coffee filter flowers with two different shades of pink twoshadesofpink.blogspot.com
Coffee filtered paper flowers in rich colors www.funathomewithkids.com
Bold paper craft coffee filter flowers www.doodlecraftblog.com

Colorful coffee filter fall leaves garland for a catchy hall decoration www.popsugar.com
A complete tutorial for coffee filter Halloween monster raisinglittlesuperheroes.com
Diy ocean animal crafts from coffee filter alittlepinchofperfect.com

Fall window art: coffee filter leaf suncatchers www.funathomewithkids.com
Diy fall craft- coffee filter apples www.momto2poshlildivas.com
Diy fall tree: easy & wonderful coffee filter crafts for kids alittlepinchofperfect.com

Fancy coffee filter paper flower christinasadventures.com
Diy coffee filter snowball wall light www.craftynest.com
Toddler easter activity: coffee filter bunny www.kids-craft-ideas.com

Vibrant coffee filter peonies flowers for room decor www.thecraftedsparrow.com
Coffee filter pom-poms for festive decoration thetomkatstudio.com
Beautiful coffee filter roses in subtle shade www.emmalee-design.com

Coffee filter snowball wall light as snowy room decor www.craftynest.com
Coffee filter angel wings for a perfect angelic costume alicewingerden.com
Amazing coffee filter garland for a nice hall decoration 31bits.com

Diy coffee filter craft: large pendant light www.parlourhomeblog.com
Letter art craft with coffee filters lilluna.com
Brilliant coffee filter gift wrap idea acreativemint.typepad.com

Easy-to-make coffee filter tea bags www.nelliebellie.com
Used coffee filter bowl- a nice upcycled project www.popsugar.com
Coffee filter christmas tree for a diy xmas decoration www.stonegableblog.com

Mesmerizing coffee filter snowflakes mom.me
Diy lamp crafts from reused coffee filter www.recyclart.org
Coffee filter kids craft- quick & easy butterfly thesimplecraftdiaries.blogspot.com

Homemade paintbrush set from coffee filters www.therealisticmama.com
Pretty coffee filter flower bouquet with vibrant colors www.funathomewithkids.com
Diy fall wreath from watercolored coffee filter placeofmytaste.com

Diy easter crafts: coffee filter flowers & carrots urbancomfort.typepad.com
Diy Halloween project: coffee filter jack-o lantern kidsactivitiesblog.com
Colorful coffee filter autumn leaves with stem: a fall decor alittlepinchofperfect.com

Utterly pretty coffee filter feathers with nice color strokes www.thecraftycrow.net
Diy coffee filter kids craft- hot air balloon window display innerchildfun.com
Coffee filter turkey: an easy thanksgiving preschool craft kidsactivitiesblog.com

Coffee filter wheel for window display pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com
Bunches of coffee filter peonies in subtle pink shade prettypetals.typepad.com
Simple coffee filter bugs and flower crafts kidsactivitiesblog.com

Coffee filter kids crafts – snail suncatchers for window display www.notimeforflashcards.com
Wonderful coffee filter rainbow fish craft idea www.craftymorning.com
Coffee filter flower decor with catchy twinkling lights craftyourhappiness.com

Lavish coffee filter diy- white hydrangea wreath www.picklee.com
Coffee filter flower basket for the perfect easter preparation www.auntpeaches.com
Video tutorial for diy coffee filter topiary www.youtube.com

Coffee filter candle bowls for colorful lighting www.lbrummer68739.net
Diy coffee filter fall leaves garland craft tutorial www.sheknows.com
Sunset cowboys wall art from coffee filters www.busybeekidscrafts.com

Coffee filter spooky owl wings for yarn owls buggieandjellybean.blogspot.com
Easy tutorial of how to make diy poppy flower out of coffee filters craftscollection.net
Diy wreath from tea stained coffee filter www.atkinsondrive.com

All white coffee filter winter tree with gorgeous ornaments centsationalstyle.com
Diy bouquet of colorful coffee filter roses www.craftster.org
Super trendy coffee filter brooch craftingagreenworld.com

Diy kids project: coffee filter barik www.lbrummer68739.net
Earth day preschool craft for kids: coffee filter earth with hands easypreschoolcraft.blogspot.com
Diy coffee filter lamp shade craft tutorial www.shelterness.com

Sparkling angel wings- festive ornaments made out of coffee filters www.craftsalamode.com
Coffee filter pumpkins- perfect diy Halloween crafts for kids www.thehappierhomemaker.com
Butterfly mobile craft from colorful coffee filters www.firstpalette.com

Diy ideal fall decor- coffee filter sunflower wreath smallfryandco.blogspot.com
Coffee filter spring flower treat bowl decor www.marthastewart.com
Diy patriotic wreath from red, white, and blue coffee filter craftingmom.com

Coffee filter thanksgiving craft idea: turkey napkin decor brasspaperclip.typepad.com
Easy st Patrick’s day craft: coffee filter shamrock for kids www.weknowstuff.us.com
Diy autumn tree with colorful coffee filter leaves patchodirtfarm.blogspot.com

Fancy coffee filter napkin rings turkey craft for thanksgiving day www.crayola.com
How to craft a party poms with coffee filter www.youtube.com
Diy coffee filter flowers for Halloween thesirenstale.wordpress.com

Fun diy craft- fall leaves from coffee filter and watercolor www.havingfunathome.com
Diy coffee filter craft rainbow fish with paper plate background ourcraftsnthings.com
Intricate coffee filter stars with floral embellishment seagypsystudio.blogspot.com

Quick and easy coffee filter butterfly craft handsonaswegrow.com
Spin art coffee filter streamers: a messy summer craft for naughty kids handsonaswegrow.com
Diy quick sring craft: colored coffee filter flowers handsonaswegrow.com

Starched coffee filter flowers crafts with popsicle stick stems and button pistils handsonaswegrow.com
Diy own sunshine: pretty floral coffee filter suncatcher for kids innerchildfun.com
Diy easter wreath with stained coffee filters happyhooligans.ca

Super quick coffee filter rainbow: a beautiful spring craft for kids www.lookwerelearning.com
Upcycled spring flower crafts for kid with coffee filter and food coloring twitchetts.com
Admirable coffee filter flowers www.designsponge.com

85 Vibrant Coffee Filter Craft Ideas for Kids