Easy & Colorful Construction Paper Craft – Egyptian Neon Butterfly Puppet

Following our previous butterfly craft, we thought to try an easy butterfly craft with construction paper and colorful neon craft paper.  We tried our best, and do support us ;). And by the end of the day, we used it as a puppet too, as its a paper tube body for the butterfly, you can use it as a finger puppet to make stories.

Things you will need

  1. Craft papers
  2. Construction paper
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Sketch
  6. Markers
  7. Pencil
  8. wiggle eyes

Butterfly paper Craft – How to steps

  1. Gather the supplies
  2. Since we thought to do an easy butterfly, choose heart shape for butterfly wings, make a stencil with a printout paper, you even do a half stencil.
  3. Choose the color sheets you need for your butterfly, fold it in a way to hold the half heart stencil.
  4. Now trim off the excess and your heart-shaped wings are ready.
  5. Use a white construction paper and measure it so that its height fits your wings.
  6. Roll the paper to make a cube and glue it ( hold it for few secs as it unrolls)
  7. Now use the scrap paper pieces and cut it to make lengthy rectangles which are enough to go around the paper tube. Once a few pieces are ready to stick it
  8. Stick the wiggle eyes and use the marker and sketch to make eyebrow, blush and lips
  9. Cut from the scrap pieces and stick to the paper tube to make the butterfly antennae
  10. Try some unique designs on the butterfly neon body and wings to make it look like an Egyptian butterfly( so-called and don’t know if such exist or not ;D)
  11. Now stick the wings to our butterfly.
  12. Tada our Egyptian Rainbow Butterfly is Ready to fly

Egyptian Neon Butterfly Construction Paper Craft

(But my wife called it as an Egyptian rainbow butterfly after we finished this craft)

We used scrap pieces to make the stripes, but you can use cut rainbow colors and add the stripes to the butterfly’s body.


Easy & Colorful Construction Paper Craft – Egyptian Neon Butterfly Puppet