Boo-tiful Crafts: 70 Halloween Crafts for Toddlers & Preschool Kids

Halloween crafting and DIY decorations! It’s the time of the year when creativity knows no bounds, and we get to let our spooktacular imaginations run wild.

Halloween is like a magical playground for us crafty souls. From ghoulish ghosts to grinning pumpkins, the possibilities are endless!

Halloween Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

There’s something incredibly satisfying about crafting our own decorations and infusing our homes with that eerie charm.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to showcase our unique style and personality through our creepy creations.

Let’s summon the spirits of creativity and embark on this spine-chilling crafting adventure!

Get your cauldrons ready, and let’s brew up some DIY Halloween magic that will leave everyone bewitched by your crafty talents. Happy crafting and have a boo-tiful Halloween!

Gather your craft supplies, and let the hauntingly delightful journey begin!

67 Bright and Creative Easy Halloween Craft Ideas

Paper plate Jack O Lantern, easy pumpkin craft – Mombrite

Paper Planet pumpkin masks for Halloween –Makinglifeblissful

1. Create Halloween Puffy Ghosts with Construction paper and cotton balls glue
2. Spooky Halloween Spider Web with Black Paper Plate Thread and Felt / Eva Foam Spiders

3. Web an Adorable Halloween Pompom Pipe Cleaner Spider with wiggle eyes
4. Try this super easy Halloween itsy bitsy spider craft – toddler crafts

5. Spooky spider mason jar craft for kids with spiders, glowsticks, and cotton balls
Get tangled in the spookiest craft of the season – Halloween Spider Webs with Yarn! 🕸️🎃

Create a web of enchantment as you spin your way into a hauntingly fun crafting adventure.

Let’s weave some frightful and fabulous spider webs to add a touch of eerie elegance to your Halloween decor. A

re you ready to get crafty and catch some spooky vibes? Let’s begin our web-spinning journey! 🕷️🕸️👻

6. Keep your toddler hand busy with this easy spiderweb lacing activity

7. Happy Halloween incy wincy spider art – toddler handprint and wiggle eyes

Ghostly Handprints! Get ready to create a boo-tiful masterpiece that will give everyone
White paint or washable white ink pads –  Black construction paper or cardstock – A paintbrush or sponge (if using paint) – Your little creative hands, ready to make ghostly magic!

8. Build cute and spooky spiders with play dough, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes

  1. Prepare the Workspace: Lay down some newspaper or plastic to protect your crafting area. Halloween can be a little messy, and we wouldn’t want any ghoulish surprises on the table!
  2. Ghostly Handprint Time: Dip your hand into the white paint or gently press it onto the ink pad. Make sure your fingers and palm are evenly coated – we want perfect ghostly outlines!
  3. Spooky Stamps: Press your ghostly hand firmly onto the black construction paper. Gently lift your hand to reveal a ghostly handprint on the paper. Boo-tiful!
  4. Create a Haunting Handprint Scene: Repeat the process with your other hand and even your friends’ hands, if they dare! Arrange the handprints on the paper to create a spooky scene with ghostly spirits floating around.
  5. Add Some Personal Ghoul-ishness: Feel free to add fun details to your ghostly handprints. You can draw ghost faces on each handprint or even turn them into little Halloween characters with hats and costumes.
  6. Scare-tastic Display: Let your ghostly handprint masterpiece dry completely. Once it’s dry, you can display it proudly on your walls, doors, or anywhere that needs a touch of Halloween magic.

Fun of Halloween Crafts

Crafting homemade Halloween decorations comes with a bag full of treats!

  • Firstly, it’s a pocket-friendly way to spookify your space without breaking the bank.
  • Plus, you get the freedom to customize every detail, making each piece one-of-a-kind.
  • Let’s not forget the joy of involving the whole family in crafting fun—bonding time at its finest!
  • And hey, it’s not just about the decorations; it’s the pride and joy of saying, “I made that!” when people admire your eerie masterpieces.

9. Make creepy-crawly cute spiders with styrofoam balls, yarn pipe cleaner, and wiggle eyes
10. Preschool Halloween Cardboard Tube Monster Craft with paper rolls eyes and kids craft foam

11. Make Inexpensive Halloween Spider Sack Decor with the Kids – Preschool craft
12. Easy Halloween Spider Craft for Kids – Black pom pom, popsicle sticks and eyes

13. Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Armbands with Flapping Bat wings – Toddler Craft
14. Toddlers Learn shapes with Easy Halloween Witch Craft –

What’s So Special About Halloween Crafts

Halloween is all about the chills, thrills, and creativity spills! Who said crafting can’t be playful and mischievous?

Whether you’re conjuring up creepy-cute paper plate masks or brewing wicked witch wreaths, every craft is an adventure filled with giggles and spooktacular surprises.

It’s a chance to channel our inner artists and bring Halloween magic to life in the form of bats, ghosts, and pumpkins galore!

The best part? There’s no right or wrong—just let your creativity run riot, and you’ll have a hauntingly good time.

15. Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monster Craft for Kids with Cardboard paper Glue and Paint
16. Easy Glow in the Dark Halloween Monster Craft for Toddlers

This Halloween try creative and super-easy crafts and arts with your preschoolers.

Create effortless easy finger paint art, spooky puppets, creepy crawly spiders, greenish cute and scary monsters, funny geometrical shape witches, glow-in-the-dark toddle’s sensory bin and slime, gloomy glowing Halloween monster lanterns and recycling egg cartoon and paper roll monsters.
17. Make Easy Construction Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft with Toddlers
18. Do Easy 3 Ingredient Halloween Monster Slime – Sensory Activity for Kids

19. Create Your Own Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Jar Craft for Kids with Tealight, Tissue Paper, and PVA Glue
20. Do Colorful and Creative Halloween Neon Mason Jar Mummies with Yarn, Jar, and Bright Tissue Paper

21. Make Eye-Catching Halloween Paper Bag Witch Craft for Kids with Paper Plates Lime Green Paint and Lunch Bag
22. Hot Glue Pinecone and Black felt for Cute and Creepy Halloween Bats for kids

23. Create a Playful Halloween Witch with Paper Plate, Bright colors and Cardstock
24. Make a Paper Bobble-Head Up Down Bright Black Cat Halloween Craft for Preschoolers

25. Do Pumpkin Craft for Kids with Bright Orange and Green Paper Strips for this Halloween
26. Try to make these Bright Halloween Paper Plate Pumpkins for Toddler Craft

27. Do Easy Paper Strip Black Cat for Halloween Toddler Craft
28. Make some Super Easy Popsicle Stick Monsters Craft

29. Cute Popsicle Stick Yarn Halloween Spider Web Craft for Toddlers fine Motor Skills
30. Trick or Treat Smell my feet Witch- funny n cute paint your toddler’s feet and stamp

31. Make Halloween Sensory Bin with easy Colored Spaghetti & Glow in Dark Bouncy Eyeball
32. Seasonal Crafts for Nooks and Shelves Pinecone Spiders: Creepy Cute and Scary Halloween Spider Crafts for Toddlers

33. Favorite Fall Season Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft for Preschoolers
34. Create these easy popsicle stick monster puppets for this Halloween Preschoolers Craft

35. Halloween Footprint Ghost Craft for Kids – Paint Crayons and Marker
36. Halloween Papercup Ghost stack and Bowling Game

37. Cute Little Halloween Egg Carton Monsters craft for kids – for Recycling/Repurposing lovers

Calling all crafty creatures of the night! 🦇✨ Get ready to flap your creative wings as we craft the cutest and creepiest critters for Halloween – Egg Carton Bats! 🎃🌕 Gather your spooky supplies, and let’s transform simple egg cartons into adorable nocturnal friends. These batty little creations will hang around, adding a spook-tastic charm to your Halloween decorations

Egg carton bats and more bat crafts for Halloween –artsy craftsy mom

Halloween Egg Carton Bats
38. Make Halloween Candy Holders with Paper Tubes Marker and Wrapping Paper

39. Mix and Match Pumpkin Face Craft / Game for Kids with Velcro, Foam, and Pumpkin
40. Frankenstein Sun Catcher Toddler Craft with Contact Paper and Tissue Paper

41. Do this super cheap Halloween spiderweb wall decor with black trash bags

42. Make spooky Halloween lanterns with Mod Podge Tissue Paper Mason Jar and tealight candles

44. Create tissue paper Halloween pumpkin sunlight catchers

45. Create customized cards with handprint Halloween witchcrafts
46. Halloween party decor – cute Halloween Character Cups with orange cups and googly eyes

47. Craft an adorable Witch for this Halloween with construction paper, cardstock and glue
48. Create Memorable Gifts with Toddler Handprint Halloween Craft on Airy Dry Clay and Paint

49. Popsicle Stick Frankenstein Craft for Kids Easy to make and Paint
50. Craft Easy Paper Jack O’Lantern with A4sheets and Cardstock

51. Your kids will love these adorable and inexpensive coffee filter Jack o’ lantern sun catchers
52. Bring the Smell of Halloween – Make Cute and Adorable Cinnamon Pumpkin Candles

53. Repurpose your old socks into a Halloween black sock cat in just 15 minutes
54. Fill the Halloween Leftover Candies in Mason Jars and Decorate to Make Scarecrow Treat Jars

55. Craft Witch Brooms with Striped Paper Straws as Halloween Party Favors and Table Decor
56. Make Spooky Halloween Spider Soap – Kids would love to craft with Glycerin, Spider toy, Mould and Fragrance Oil

57. Kids will love to make these Halloween paper bag monsters with paper bags, paint, and glue
58. Totally Adorable Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids – Video Tutorial

59. Upcycle Your Terracotta Flower Pots into Friendly Halloween Spiders with Pot, Paint and Cleaners
60. Make Create Halloween Pumpkin Luminaries Craft with Recycled Glass Jars, Mod Podge, Makers, and Tissue Paper

61. Paint with Your Kids to Make Halloween Mason Jar Ghost Lantern – Paint, Stickers, Marker, Jar and Tealight Candle
62. Craft Bright and Colorful Monster Party Hats for this Halloween with Duct tape and Party Hats

63. Create Colorful Painted Pumpkin Owl with Your Young Crafters and Skip Halloween Pumpkin Carving
64. Create Edible Halloween Monster Lollipops – for Trick or Treat and Halloween Candy for Classmates

65. Kids Halloween Adorable Frankenstein – Crafted with Paper Plate, Foam and Googly Eyes
66. Vibrant and Cute Cardboard Tube Aliens Halloween Kids Craft

Create whimsical Halloween rainbow paper tube bat craft for kids: paper tube, construction paper, glue
Do this super cheap Halloween spiderweb wall decor with black trash bags
Make spooky Halloween lanterns with mod podge tissue paper mason jar and tealight candles
Diy flying bats papercraft

Diy paper plate skeleton

Halloween Coloring Pages and Template


Boo-tiful Crafts: 70 Halloween Crafts for Toddlers & Preschool Kids