From Roses to Rivers: 120+ Amazing Things of Portland Oregon

Welcome to the lively city of Portland, nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Pacific Northwest.

Known for its friendly locals and eclectic culture, Portland is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure.

Get ready to be wowed by Portland’s one-of-a-kind experiences and jaw-dropping natural beauty.

From strolling through lush parks like Washington Park, where you’ll find the enchanting International Rose Test Garden, to immersing yourself in the artsy vibe of the Pearl District, this city has it all.

And let’s not forget the stunning Willamette River, offering river cruises and kayaking opportunities that’ll leave you in awe.

So, pack your bags and get ready to uncover the magic of Portland! 🌲🌹✨

120+ Amazing Things of Portland Oregon

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120 Amazing things to do at Portland Oregon

1. Portland tourism and vacation pictures
2. Portland Oregon travel and destinations

3. Portland Oregon travel to Portland
4. Evt Theater Portland Oregon

5. Old town Portland Oregon
6. Culture museums 4 Parkblocks courtesy 4 jim fullan downtown Portland

7. Downtown Portland pictures
8. Holiday fun downtown Portland

9. Portland Oregon downtown Portland
10. Downtown Portland travel

11. Portland waterfront downtown Portland

Portland offers a bounty of hiking and biking trails that cater to every level of explorer.

Lace-up your hiking boots or hop on your bike, and get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys through nature’s wonders.

From the rugged terrains of Forest Park to the scenic trails of Mount Tabor, there’s something for everyone.

Breathe in the fresh air, soak in the stunning views, and feel the thrill of adventure as you conquer the trails!

12. Cave oct grotto Portland

13. Grotto cave morning shot grotto Portland
14. Forest Park Portland

15. Forest Park Portland crossing stream
16. Dense and green forest Park Portland

17. Forest Park Portland via Tumblr

Portland proudly showcases the perfect blend of urban and natural landscapes, giving you the chance to experience the serenity of nature right within the city’s embrace.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape or a leisurely stroll, Portland’s city-nature harmony will leave you feeling refreshed and connected to the beauty of the world around you.

18. Forest Park building Portland

19. Turning paths forest Park Portland
20. Old Port Portland

21. Old port Portland 2 Portland maine
22. Old port Portland docking

23. Portland from the air isle of Portland
24. Portland isle of Portland

Music lovers, rejoice! 🎵🎶 Portland’s vibrant music scene is a treasure trove for those who crave melodious adventures.

From indie bands to jazz ensembles, this city has it all. Unleash your inner audiophile as you hop from one hip venue to another, soaking in the diverse sounds that echo through the streets.

Whether it’s a cozy cafe or a lively bar, the rhythm of Portland’s music will have you tapping your feet and humming along in no time!

25. Ariana Grande Portland
26. Ariana Grande performance Portland

27. Ariana grande show Portland
28. Ariana grande Portland

Whether you’re watching an up-and-coming local artist showcase their talent or attending a concert by a renowned band, the city’s music culture will leave you in awe.

From soulful melodies to head-banging rock, the performances will ignite your senses and create unforgettable memories.

So, grab your friends, feel the energy of the crowd, and let the music carry you away on an unforgettable journey!
29. Alex Morgan Portland thorns
30. Football Alex Morgan Portland thorns

31. Alex Morgan Portland thorns
32. Power of alex morgan Portland thorns

33. Sumatran orangutan enrichment gift gal Portland Oregon zoo
34. Elephant with sea lion Portland Oregon zoo

35. Elephants at Portland Oregon Zoo
36. Predators Lions Portland Oregon Zoo

37. Oregon lioness Portland Oregon zoo
38. Omsi science playground Portland Oregon omsi

39. Kids omsi Portland Oregon omsi
40. Portland Oregon omsi

41. Portland Oregon Japanese garden
42. Famous Japanese garden tree in Portland by michael matti

43. Strolling Pond 11 Portland Oregon Japanese garden
44. West public gardens lower pond Portland Oregon Japanese garden

45. Portland Oregon Japanese garden wallpaper
46. Portland Japanese garden spread across 5.5acres

47. Portland Oregon Japanese garden pictures
48. Large ne beast best restaurants in Portland

49. Most romantic new restaurants mi casa by jose andres article best restaurants in Portland
50. SouthPark seafood interior dining best restaurants in Portland

51. Best restaurants in Portland with best ambiance
52. Best restaurants in Portland

53. Lucky Strike Portland Chinese food best restaurants in Portland
54. Large Autentica best restaurants in Portland

55. Pearl District andina best restaurants in Portland
56. Best restaurants outside of Portland

57. Autumn in Portland
58. Autumn in Portland fall destinations

59. Autumn in Portland
60. Andina lamb andina restaurants Portland

61. Andina bar basil photo andina Portland
62. Crystal Ballroom of Portland

63. Crystal Ballroom Portland yelp
64. Cathedral Park Portland at night

65. Cathedral Park Portland yelp
66. St johns bridge Cathedral Park 2006 Cathedral Park Portland

67. Castaway Portland
68. Bird view of Chinese garden Portland

69. Architecture of Chinese garden Portland
70. Beautiful pond with lotus Chinese garden Portland

71. Clear water ponds Chinese garden Portland
72. Chinese Garden Portland

73. Color run Portland photo credit brian hall
74. Color run Portland colors of life

75. Color run Portland flying colors
76. Entrance lower center embassy suites Portland hilton

77. Center embassy suites Portland Hilton
78. Panoramio east end beach Portland

79. East end beach Portland maine beach bench
80. Pine point beach east end beach Portland

81. Old orchard beach east end beach Portland
82. Eventide oyster Portland press

83. Eventide oyster Portland
84. Eventide oyster Portland oyster company Portland maine

85. Fremont Bridge Portland sunset
86. Fremont Bridge Portland via Pinterest

87. Main statue franklin high school Portland
88. Lush view franklin high school Portland

89. Franklin high school Portland Oregon
90. Fall season in Portland Thailandtarot

91. Fall season in Portland via Flickr David
92. Get air Portland Maine

93. Get air Portland maine trampoline
94. Kids playing in get air Portland Maine

95. Get air Portland maine trampoline jump
96. Get air Portland Maine trampoline Park

97. Trampoline Park jump get Air Portland Maine 
98. Living room 3 Hotel Monaco Portland

99. Entrance hotel Monaco Portland
100. Lobby hotel Monaco Portland

101. Interiors of Hotel Monaco Portland
102. Queen deluxe hotel deluxe Portland

103. Hotel deluxe exterior hotel deluxe Portland
104. Outer view hotel deluxe Portland

105. Lobby hotel deluxe Portland
106. Meeting and dining hotel deluxe Portland

107. Hotel vintage plaza Portland
108. A Kimpton hotel lobby hotel vintage Portland

109. Hotel Vintage Portland pool
110. Rooms hotel vintage Portland

111. Back lobby hotel vintage Portland
112. Lobby hotel rose Portland

113. Interiors of hotel rose Portland
114. Evening time-lapse view of hotel rose Portland

115. Bottle kitchen hotel rose Portland
116. Hollywood Theater Portland Oregon

117. Front view of Hollywood theater Portland Oregon
118. Hollywood Theater Portland Oregon interiors

119. Hollywood theater vintage shot Hollywood theater Portland Oregon
120. Exterior view of Hotel Modera Portland

121. Ambiance of hotel modera Portland
122. Hotel modera Portland

123. Best hotels Portland lobby of Hotel Modera Portland
124. Irving City Park new 9 playground Irving Park Portland

125. Irving Park Portland
126. Irving City Park splash pad Irving Park Portland

127. Basketball court Irving Park Portland

Are you a nature enthusiast and a lover of all things rosy? Then, you absolutely can’t miss the International Rose Test Garden in Portland! 🌹🌹

This garden is a paradise for flower lovers, boasting over 10,000 stunning rose bushes representing various species and hybrids.

Take a leisurely stroll through the well-manicured paths, surrounded by vibrant colors and sweet fragrances. It’s not just a garden; it’s a floral wonderland!

128. International rose garden Portland

129. Lush green international rose garden Portland
130. International rose garden Portland

131. Rooms Jupiter Hotel Portland
132. Inside Jupiter Hotel Portland

133. Beds and rooms of Jupiter hotel Portland
134. Exteriors of Jupiter hotel Portland

135. Corks and bottles Jupiter hotel Portland
136. Water splash Jamison square Portland

137. Beautiful shot at night Jamison Square Portland
138. Jamison square Portland

139. Jamison Square Park Portland
140. Kachka smokedfish – kachka Portland

141. Food collage khachkar Portland
142. Food collage khachkar Portland

143. Scrumptious kachka Portland
144. Well lit keller auditorium Portland

145. The exterior of keller auditorium Portland
146. Square holes Keller fountain Portland

147. Water splash Keller fountain Portland 
148. Jump into Keller fountain Portland

149. Lighthouse Portland Maine
150. Lighthouse Portland Maine from Flickr Gensler

151. Lighthouse Portland Maine image 2
152. Oaks Amusement Park entrance Portland Oregon

153. Rides at Oaks Park Portland
154. Roller coaster amusement Oaks Park Portland

155. Rock and roll Oaks Park Portland
156. Washington Park Portland

157. Washington Park Portland picture 2
158. Washington Park Portland

159. Queen of Sheba Portland
160. Queen of Sheba Portland delicious

161. Queen of Sheba Portland picture
162. Mormon Temple Portland

163. Temples Portland Mormon temple Portland
164. Portland art museum at Night

165. Inside Portland art museum
166. Portland art museum exterior

167. Portland art museum mark building Oregon
168. Oregon Coast seaside Portland beach

From Roses to Rivers: 120+ Amazing Things of Portland Oregon