Paper Plate Magic: 100 Animals & Celebration Craft Ideas for Kids

Paper plates, those humble and unassuming items, have an incredible superpower—they can transform into a menagerie of animals, fantastic creatures, and vibrant works of art with just a dash of imagination and a pinch of creativity.

100 Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Kids Animals and Celebration

100 Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Kids Animals and Celebration

Craft Ideas: Paper Plate Animals & Celebration

Paper Plate Triceratops -The perfect craft for dinosaur-loving kids. Simple and fun, for at home or within a preschool setting. A great extension for kids learning about dinosaurs.

1. Paper Plate Triceratops
2. Summer Craft: Paper Plate Swimmer Mask

Welcome to the world of paper plate animals and a gallery of craft ideas that invite you to craft, create, and smile.

Learn to craft easy paper crafts and turn them to your favorite bugs with these simple DIY instructions.

3. Easy Diy Craft: Paper Plate Bugs
4. Simple Paper Plate Craft: Diy Tabourines

Instigate the imaginative quality in your kids with this cute paper plate craft.

Make the winter day shinier for your kids with this super easy paper plate craft.

5. Cute Paper Plate Seahorse
6. Wonderful Paper Plate Showman With Snow Globe

Paper plates are the perfect blank canvas for crafting, and in the hands of creative minds, they can become the wings of soaring birds, the furry faces of beloved pets, or the expressive eyes of imaginative creatures.

If you are looking for a easy Life Science project then craft this simple butterfly life cycle system on a paper plate easily with this quick tutorial.

7. Diy Paper Plate Craft: Cute Leprechaun Hat
8. Paper Plate Project Idea: Butterfly Life Cycle

This is a wonderful paper plate project for toddler to celebrate the love day with a happy creative feeling.

This is a simple kid craft to make a DIY centerpiece using paper plates as the sunflower weaving through an easy crafting process.

9. Quick And Easy Paper Plate Valentin’s Wreath
10. Paper Plate Sunflower Weaving

This is one of the easiest paper plate craft using only some acrylic paints and glue to be made perfectly, apart from a couple of plain paper plates.

11. Super Adorable Paper Plate Owl
12. Cute Paper Plate Craft: Birds In The Nest

Some easy tutorials of super trendy party hats using paper plate as the base crafting component.

Make a cute doggy face with a cute expression using some paper plate pieces with a nice stroke of red paint.

13. Quick And Simple Paper Plate Party Hats
14. Diy Paper Plate Clifford Doggy Face

Show your farm love with these click clack moo cows mask using paper plates as the base crafting element.

15. Super Creative Paper Plate Noah’s Ark
16. Moo Cows Paper Plate Mask

Make a simple paper plate nest base and decorate it creatively with some tissue paper birds along with the tissue made nest straws around the nest.

17. Paper Plate Diy Ear Mask Craft
18. Creative Paper Plate Nest With Tissue Paper Birds

This is a cute and fun paper plate craft for kids needs only some dark acrylic paint apart from a large paper plate to be made.

Craft the face of these two adorable cartoon characters ernie and bert face with a simple DIY tutorial.

19. Diy Animal Face: Paper Plate Badger
20. Paper Plate Craft Of Ernie And Bert Face

This quick and simple paper plate project will inspire your crafting skill instantly with its cute look and the easy crafting methods.

21. Beautifully Painted Paper Plate Flowers
22. Extremely Cute Paper Plate Gingerbread Man

Make this cute and colorful dinosaur out of painted paper plate with this easy tutorial with a smart 3D effect.

23. Super Simple Paper Plate Dinosaurous Craft
24. Paper Plate Frog Goofy Craft

Recreate the experience of marine world with this famous Little Mermaid character flounder with this easy paper plate fish craft.

25. Diy Hedgehog: Paper Plate Craft
26. Diy Fish Craft: Paper Plate Flounder

Make this super easy paper plate project for this upcoming Easter celebration.

27. Utterly Adorable Paper Plate Sheep Mask
28. Cute Paper Plate Rooster

Show your love of Paddinigton Bear from the storybook through this easy paper plate craft.

This is a fun zoo project made of simple painted paper plates in step by step tutorial.

29. Paddington Bear Face: Diy Paper Plate Craft
30. Paper Plate Animal Craft Rhino

This is a perfect paper plate craft for kids.

31. Paper Plate Spiderman Mask
32. Paper Plate Craft: Diy Flying Saucer

This is a perfect summer craft for kids using plain paper plate and some colorful construction paper sheets to make this wonderful DIY craft effortlessly.

33. Paper Plate Rainbow Fish
34. Easy Paper Plate Craft: Cute Ocean Crab

It is one of the popular Dr Seuss-inspired crafts using paper plate pieces as the base of this easy craft.

This is one of the best paper plate crafts for your kids especially, for those who like animal stories to the utmost. Check out this easy tutorial and make the story time more enjoyable for your little ones smartly.

35. Diy Paper Plate Fox Face
36. Super Simple Paper Plate Wolf Face

It’s a wonderful tutorial of arctic animal craft using paper plates and some tissue paper as the main crafting supplies.

37. Simple Paper Plate Rainbow
38. Paper Plate Kids Craft: Arctic Fox

This is a very simple and cute paper plate project for kids and the beginners.

39. Diy Kids Paper Plate Game Craft
40. Diy Paper Plate Lady Bug Craft

One more paper plate owl project in step-by-step making tutorial.

41. Easy Paper Plate Owl Craft
42. Diy Paper Plate Koala Face

Craft your own mask based on your favorite Avenger character through this tutorial.

43. Diy Paper Plate Hulk Mask
44. Arctic Animal Craft: Paper Plate Walrus

This is favorite boy craft using paper plate to make a bunch of colorful cars to offer your little one an adventurous playing session.

Show your animal love with these interesting paper plate projects.

45. Quick And Easy Paper Plate Cars
46. Paper Plate Zoo Animal Faces

47. Diy Groundhog Paper Plate Craft
48. Cute Paper Plate Lion Craft

Change the mood of your kids with this easy circus game ring toss equipment made of simple paper plates through the quickest way.

Make your Christmas decoration more amusing in the most inexpensive way with this cute DIY paper plate Christmas tree crafts.

49. Paper Plate Ringtoss Gaming Craft
50. Pretty Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Quickly craft some fresh fruit slices with paper plate and some nice paint strokes.

51. Paper Platefruit Slices
52. Utterly Creative Paper Plate Nature Island

This is a unique paper plate craft that is displaying the beautiful view underwater place, like you are seeing through a ship’s porthole.

53. Paper Plate Ship’s Porthole Craft
54. Diy Paper Plate Crafts For 4th Of July

Check out this easy paper plate craft which is a perfect for the Halloween preparations.

55. Diy Paper Plate Skeleton
56. Paper Plate Gum Machine

57. Diy Snake Craft: A Paper Plate Creation
58. Paper Plate Apple With A Cute Worm

Stop spending your money on buying cookie basket and craft this super easy paper plate basket quickly with is easy tutorial.

59. Paper Plate Craft: Diy 2-minute Cookie Basket
60. Diy Easy Paper Plate Whale

Say your nightmares goodbye forever with these pretty DIY dream catcher projects.

61. Paper Plate Dream Catcher
62. Super Charming Paper Plate Minions

This is an easy free printable paper plate project for Disney lovers.

63. Scary Paper Plate Spiders
64. Paper Plate Minnie Mouse Ears

This is a super quick DIY Marble Run Track craft made of simple paper plate pieces.

65. Colorful Paper Plate Dragons
66. Paper Plate Marble Run Track Craft

Be your favorite Avenger with this amazing DIY shield of Captain America made of a simple paper plate.

67. Paper Plate Captain America Shield
68. Diy Paper Plate Fish Aquarium

These are super adorable Christmas craft in the form of Rudolph, Santa and Frosty face using some colorful paper plates as the base materials.

69. Utterly Easy Paper Plate Clock
70. Cute Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

This is a Star war-inspired craft for kids.

Instigate the music fantasies in your kids with this cute and simple paper plate banjo craft.

71. Bb-8 Droid Paper Plate Robot
72. Diy Paper Plate Banjo

This is creative animal craft with mosaic pattern over paper plate base.

73. Diy Paper Plate Turtle Craft
74. Smart Ad Innovative Paper Plate Magnet Maze

Check out the apparent tutorial of this creative paper plate craft here.

75. Diy Paper Plate Craft Sensory Heart
76. Cute Paper Plate Turkey Face

This is a fun project for kids inspired by Star War stories.

77. Paper Plate Craft: Delicious Candy Corn
78. Paper Plate Yoda Puppet

This paper plate craft featuring a structure of spaceship along with a cute alien inside it.

79. Paper Plate Earth Day Craft
80. Diy Paper Plate Craft: Spaceship And Alien

A fun and simple Easter craft for kids! Learn how to make this easy paper plate Easter bunny craft. Kids will love making them!

81. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft – Easy To Craft
82. Colorful Paper Plate Tropical Fish

83. Paper Plate Llamas Very Colorful And Cute Crafts For Kids
84. Did You Know You Can Make Spiral Marble Tracks With Plate Plates – Easy To Craft For Kids

Make a paper plate cow for Valentines day! It’s a fun heart shaped craft for kids to make.

85. Paper Plate Animals: Paper Plate Penguin Craft
86. Animal Crafts: Paper Plate Cow Valentine Craft For Kids

Make a paper plate rhino craft for kids! It’s a fun rhinoceros art project that involves cutting, painting, and gluing! A fun zoo craft!

Have your kids make this cute paper plate duck craft! It’s an easy and cheap art project for kids to learn about ducks.

87. Kids Animal Crafts: Paper Plate Rhino Craft For Kids
88. Quack Quack Paper Plate Duck Craft For Kids

As part of our paper plate crafts series we have a easy and fun unicorn project This Unicorn paper plate idea is simple and has a downlodable template for the ears and horn.

Challenge your kids to build the best marble maze in this open-ended paper plate maze STEM challenge! Kids will have a blast!

89. Fantasy Crafts For Kids: Paper Plate Crafts An Easy Unicorn Project
90. Learning Activities For Kids Paper Plate Craft: Maze Stem Challenge

91. Animal Paper Plate Craft: Hatching Chicks Paper Plate Craft For Kids
92. Gnome Paper Plate Craft With Mini Marshmallow – Easy To Craft For Kids

Make a fun paper plate pepperoni pizza craft for Valentines day! It says “You’re the pepperoni to my pizza!” great gift idea.

How to make a pot of gold paper plate craft with sequins, paper, and glue. This is a fun st patricks day craft for kids to make. Very cheap and easy DIY.

93. Paper Plate Pepperoni Pizza Valentine Craft
94. Paper Plate Craft For Kis Pot Of Gold For St. Patrick’s Day

Make a leprechaun face out of a paper plate for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a fun craft for the kids to make and very easy to do.

This interactive Paper Plate Apple Lacing Craft is adorable with the cutest worm for kids to thread in and out! What a fun way to build fine motor skills.

95. Paper Plate Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Craft For Kids
96. Paper Plate Apple Lacing Craft -kids And Toddlers Activities

These paper plate baubles are simple, mess-free and perfect for younger children, plus they look amazing.  Can you imagine a giant tree with these on perhaps in a classroom?

97. Paper Plate Baubles Craft – Giant Christmas Decorations Craft For Kids
98. Paper Plate Haircuts (scissor Practice With Kids!) Kids Activities

Collection of Paper animal and crafts will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

99. Paper Plate Pufferfish Craft For Kids – Cutting Practice For Little Hands
100. Creative Paper Plate Animals – Make Paper Plate Duck

Here’s a fun summer craft for kids- paper plate and pasta octopus craft! Not only is it fun to make, but it also provides all kinds of fine motor practice and can be done over and over

101. Fine Motor Craft For Kids – Paper Plate Octopus
102. Construction Paper Owl – Making Paper Animals

Paper Plate Magic: 100 Animals & Celebration Craft Ideas for Kids

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