80 Make & Sell Ideas and Crafts for Home Decor


In the age of endless possibilities and the do-it-yourself spirit, there’s never been a better time to embark on creative home projects that not only transform your living spaces but also have the potential to turn your passion into profit.

Welcome to a world where your imagination takes center stage, where everyday items can be reborn into stunning décor, and where your crafting skills can pave the way to a thriving small business.

DIY Craft Ideas for Decor and Profit

80 Make & Sell Ideas and Crafts for Home Decor
Make the simple champagne glasses into classy flutes with this simple golden decoration.

1. Easy Diy: Glittery Gemstone Soap Tutorial abeautifulmess.com
2. Pretty Gold Dot Champagne Flutes: A Classy Diy Craft www.lulus.com

Make your dressing area easily organized with these wonderful clay jewelry dishes.

3. Super Simple Diy Craft Idea: Clay Jewelry Dishes In Pretty Paints helloglow.co
4. Lulus Fresh Diy Figurine Trinket Dishes: A Recycled Project www.lulus.com

The ideal DIY gift idea for girls within a very limited budget.

5. Fabric Makeup Brush Roll With A Nice Lace Tie www.madetobeamomma.com
6. Spectacularly Designed Galaxy Color Blocked Marble Craft Tutorial akailochiclife.com

In this post, we’re diving headfirst into the realm of DIY projects, unveiling a treasure trove of ideas that will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your home or launch a side hustle, we’ve got something for you.

Crafting Your Home Oasis

Your living spaces are an extension of yourself, and they deserve a personal touch.

Discover easy-to-follow tutorials on how to create unique pieces that will give your home a distinct character.

From personalized wall art and upcycled furniture to whimsical planters and decorative centerpieces, we’ll show you how to infuse your living spaces with creativity and charm.

Your home is your canvas, and DIY projects are your brushstrokes.

An inexpensive and wonderful recycling project.

7. Fresh Diy Craft Idea: Beautiful Greenery Christmas Ornaments themerrythought.com
8. Colorful Diy Mini Spring Succulent Planters From Plastic Easter Egg akailochiclife.com

9. Diy Pallet Wood Rustic Planter For Dining Table Adornment www.iheartnaptime.net
10. Geometric Splatter Coasters : A Unique Diy Craft Idea themerrythought.com

Simple tutorial of a healthy body scrub bar with the low-cost quality.

11. Homemade Lemon And Peppercorn Body Scrub Bar www.burkatron.com
12. Diy Ombre Flower Vase Craft Idea For A Beautiful Interior akailochiclife.com

Learn to decorate your backdrop in a dreamy way with this easy DIY tutorial.

13. Diy Sugar Scrub Recipe With A Catchy Sand Art Preservation Style sugarandcloth.com
14. Dreamy Diy Rose Petal Garland Backdrop Decoration Idea www.homeyohmy.com

Give your vertical planter a total rustic look with this simple DIY project.

15. Diy Vertical Plant Hanger With Repurposed Wooden Pieces And Rope www.iheartnaptime.net
16. Easy Tutorial Of Gold Leaf Clay Bowl For Rings helloglow.co

17. Useful Diy: Cactus With Nice Color Accents abeautifulmess.com
18. Small Rope Basket: Quick & Easy Diy Organizer www.homeyohmy.com

A wonderful DIY craft idea for summertime.

19. Diy Fabric Mason Jar Cosy With Velcro Strapper www.aprettycoollife.com
20. Simple-to-craft Plaster Gem Photo Holder Tutorial akailochiclife.com

A totally mesmerizing candle craft idea from re-purposed tin cans.

21. Diy Bathtub Caddy From Rustic Repurposed Wooden Ladder themerrythought.com
22. Captivating Tin Punched Votive Candles With Grey Paint abeautifulmess.com

A brilliant DIY craft idea for Christmas preparation.

Keep your lips healthy and softy with these super easy DIY lip balm recipes.

23. Beautifully Frosty Diy Mason Jar Snow Globes www.aprettycoollife.com
24. 10-minute Craft: Diy Homemade Lip Balm Tutorial www.happinessishomemade.net

Learn to craft plant terrarium at home with this easy tutorial.

25. Small And Succulent Terracotta Planter With Cute Designs omundodejess.com
26. Charming Air Plant Terrariums: A Delicate Yet Classy Diy Gift Craft Idea www.happinessishomemade.net

Check out the easiest way to craft this trendy DIY necklace in this tutorial.

27. Diy Pencil Holder: Pretty Rose Gold Foiled Cup Holder Tutorial damasklove.com
28. Diy Diffuser Necklace With Essential Oil On Lava Beads oneessentialcommunity.com

Turning Passion into Profit

But it doesn’t stop at personalizing your space. We’ll also guide you on how to turn your crafting hobby into a money-making venture.

Whether you dream of opening an Etsy shop, selling at local craft fairs, or simply want to share your creations with a wider audience, we’ve got the tips and insights to help you get started.

Explore strategies for marketing your creations, managing your online store, and finding the perfect niche for your handmade products.

29. Cozy & Vibrant Yarn Pom-pom Pillow Craft Idea akailochiclife.com
30. Rustic Pallet Plaques Tutorial: Diy Recycled Project To Sell www.ohmy-creative.com

Get crafty with this easy and rustic DIY fruit bowl tutorial.

31. Easy Video Tutorial Of Diy Fabric Covered Planter Decoration www.youtube.com
32. Farm-style Diy Rope Bowl Fruit Basket diyjoy.com

Make your outdoor look absolutely captivating with this magical DIY prism light.

33. Diy Mini Pallet Coasters Made Of Popsicle Sticks And With Washi Tape Decoration washitapecrafts.com
34. Glues Marbles Mason Jar Prism Light Craft Idea diyjoy.com

Learn to prepare this lush bath bombs easily at home with this wonderful tutorial.

35. Easy-to-make Lush Bath Bombs With Nice Fragrance diyprojectsforteens.com
36. Super Pretty Triangle Pouch Craft With A Zip aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com

A quick tutorial of how to make a functional tote bag easily at home.

A smart and creative way to make a travel bag for carrying your goggles safely.

37. No-sew Market Tote Bag From Ultrasuede Fabric www.marthastewart.com
38. Diy Gift Idea: Sunglass Travel Bag From Muslin Fabric www.mumtastic.com.au

39. Diy Coaster From Remained Colored Pencil Endings blog.consumercrafts.com
40. Diy Fun Project: Colorful Yarn Pom-pom Bookmarks www.designmom.com

41. Diy Kitchen Craft Idea: Wooden Utensil Box With Burlap Cover thefrugalgirls.com
42. Simple Wine-cork Key Chain Craft Idea cleverlyinspired.com

A clear step by step tutorial of how to make etched cutting board easily at home like a pro.

43. Wonderful Lace Bowl Tutorial – Classy Diy Decor Ide diyjoy.com
44. Diy Etched Cutting Board: A Perfect Gift Idea For Kitchen www.designmom.com

A brilliant hanging vase craft idea for DIY lovers.

An utterly sophisticated wall art gift idea for DIYers.

45. Hanging Mason Jar Vase On Chevron Pallet Mounted Base www.unoriginalmom.com
46. Diy Classic Fabric Wall Art Craft Idea With Frames www.iheartnaptime.net

A simple mug designing style with nail polish.

47. Diy Kate Spade Inspired Metallic Polka Dot Phone Case cafecraftea.blogspot.com
48. Diy Marbled Tea Cup Design With Nail Polish diycandy.com

Learn to make a hammock chair quickly at your balcony or dorm room with this easy tutorial.

49. Diy Mason Jar Soap Dispensers With Flipping Head Capacity lovegrowswild.com
50. Quick Comfy Diy: Hammock Chair With Rope And Old Curtain abeautifulmess.com

51. Diy Cclay Ring Bowls With Marble Finishing abeautifulmess.com
52. Catchy Diy Craft Idea: Leopard Desk Pad Cover mamaof3munchkins.com

53. Super Cool Diy Wall Clock: Recycled Cutting Board Project abeautifulmess.com
54. Easy-to-sew Diy Fabric-made Chapstick Kea\ychain Holder crazylittleprojects.com

Learn to craft these classy felt bags with this simple tutorial to make your valentine enjoyable within budget.

55. Diy Valentine Gift Idea: Super Trendy Felt Bag Crafts probablyactually.wordpress.com
56. Data Cable Organizer Keychain: A Brilliant Diy Gift Idea mintedstrawberry.blogspot.com

A simple yet useful DIY craft idea.

57. Recycled Cereal Box Craft: Mini Diy Notebook With Button Ties www.cremedelacraft.com
58. Diy Vase Craft Idea: Painted Glass Bottle Vases rusticweddingchic.com

Learn to keep your wine bottles perfectly organized with this simple DIY wooden rack.

59. Diy Rustic Wooden Rack Tutorial www.shanty-2-chic.com
60. Lovely Mirror Decoration: Seashells Frame Work www.annsentitledlife.com

Learn to craft a classy tablet cover out of printed quilt with this easy tutorial.

61. Nature Love: Diy Fabric Cover Spring Vase www.iheartnaptime.net
62. Fully Sewed Quilt Tablet Cover With Zipper Pocket so-sew-easy.com

Grab a classic vintage look for your room with these pretty wall art burlap letters.

Give your jewelry collection a boost with these colorful DIY tassel necklaces.

63. Vintage Letter Wall Art With Burlap Cover And Artificial Jewel Decor craftsbyamanda.com
64. Super Trendy Beaded Tassel Necklace: Diy Jewelry madeinaday.com

65. Diy Earrings: Runway-inspired Double Pearl Earring www.darbysmart.com
66. Diy Handwarmer: Cozy And Pretty Pocket-fit Hand Warmer Project raeannkelly.com

A simple and inexpensive DIY craft tutorial.

67. Diy Washi Tape Decorated Wall Clocks: A Perfect Handmade Gift Craft tellloveandparty.com
68. Diy Mason Jar Craft: Chalkboard Heart Candlelight diyjoy.com

A beautiful recycled project to make & sell purpose.

69. Wonderful Etched Glass Water Bottle: A Useful Diy Craft Idea www.creativegreenliving.com
70. Tutorial Of Trendy Key Fobs From Scrap Fabric www.leighlaurelstudios.com

Test your crafting skill one more time with this super fashionable pendant light from empty liquor bottles.

71. Upcycle Diy Pendant Light From Old Liquor Bottles diyjoy.com
72. Diy Pebbles Glue Magnet Craft With Different Designs stampinfool.com

73. Easy Tutorial Of Wire-wrapped Bead Rings With Pretty Color Accents dollarstorecrafts.com
74. Diy Etched Glasses With Alphabetical Stickers afewshortcuts.com

Make the brushing experience of your kids more thrilling with this unique DIY craft.

75. Rainbow Cup Cozy With Colorful Half-double Crochet Pattern crafts.tutsplus.com
76. Unique And Adorable Dinosaur Tooth Brush Holders allthisforthem.blogspot.com

77. Easy Peasy Vibrant Binky Pacifier Clips www.vivaveltoro.com
78. Perfect Tutorial Of Super Cool Diy Thimble Necklace thewindandthesail.blogspot.com

79. Diy Jewelry Craft: Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets www.mamamiss.com
80. Amigurumi Cactus Crochet Pattern: Pretty Diy Craft www.hopefulhoney.com

An easy step by step tutorial of how to make such rustic wall art project quickly at home.

81. Easy Tutorial Of Pallet Wood Letter: Rustic Wall Art Idea thistlewoodfarms.com
82. Diy Washable And Reusable Bowl Cover With Proper Elasticity www.thegraciouswife.com

80 Make & Sell Ideas and Crafts for Home Decor