Hopping into Creativity: 60 Easter Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids


Easter, with its promise of renewal and vibrant springtime blooms, is a season brimming with enchantment and the perfect canvas for childhood creativity.

It’s a time when children’s imaginations are ignited, and their hands are eager to bring their visions to life through crafting.

An opportunity to embrace the joy of Easter with a medley of crafty adventures designed to engage, educate, and entertain.

60 Easter Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

60 Easter Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

Easter Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

1. Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pot For Easter Decoration www.madewithhappy.com
2. Super Adorable Diy Easter Egg Bunney Hugs www.paperandpin.com

Learn to make these colorful Easter egg ornaments in the easiest way through this tutorial.

3. Cheerful Salt Dough Easter Eggs: Diy Ornament Ideas www.designmom.com
4. Amusing Emoji Easter Eggs: Wonderful Craft Idea For Happy Easter Celebration thediyplaybook.com

Easter marks the arrival of spring, a season of renewal and rebirth. Our craft ideas are inspired by the vibrancy of this season, as we explore projects that incorporate elements of nature, blooming flowers, and playful animals, capturing the essence of Easter.

Decor your home with this super cute gumball machine craft for this year’s Easter festivity.

5. Cute And Soft Stock Bunny Easter Craft For Kids apumpkinandaprincess.com
6. Diy Spring Bunny Gumball Machine Craft For A Perfect Easter Celebration averageinspired.com

7. Utterly Adorable Foam Cup Bunny Craft For Easter iheartcraftythings.com
8. Tin Foil Easter Egg Craft With Cute Color Decor For Kids iheartcraftythings.com

9. Paper Daffodil: A Wonderful Diy Craft For This Spring With Paper And Cupcake Liner www.mendandmakenew.co.nz
10. Easy And Colorful Paper Bunny Craft For Easter Celebration www.easypeasyandfun.com

Learn to craft cute chicks for your Easter decoration with this yarn-made pom-poms.

This is a super easy Easter project make of some colorful paper eggs over the base of a paper plate to get the perfect shape of a wreath.

Crafting is not just about making pretty things; it’s also about learning and development. We’ll introduce ideas that blend educational elements into the crafting process, making it a fun way for children to explore history, traditions, and even a dash of science.

11. Adorable Yarn Pom-pom Easter Chicks blog.consumercrafts.com
12. Simple Easter Egg Wreath Idea With Paper Eggs www.theresourcefulmama.com

Get ready to gather your supplies, embrace the spirit of Easter, and let the artistic adventure begin.

Welcome to the world of Easter craft ideas and activities for kids, where every project is a joyful celebration of the season and a cherished memory in the making.

Learn to craft hatching egg chicks from real egg cartons with cute little yarn pom-pom-made chicks.

13. Paper Strip Easter Egg Wall Art Decor www.minted.com
14. Recycled Egg Carton Hatching Chicks Easter Craft www.craftymorning.com

15. Diy Stand-up Paper Eggs For Lavish Easter Decoration www.littlemisscelebration.com
16. Diy Fluffy Chicks From Tissue Paper And Colorful Sheets www.thatartistwoman.org

This is a tasty Easter food craft idea for a delicious commemoration.

17. Quick And Easy Pinecone Bunny For Easter Decoration www.firefliesandmudpies.com
18. Diy Crunchy And Edible Peeps House Craft yesterfood.blogspot.com

19. Diy Spring Craft: Colorful Easter Eggs From Egg Cartons typicallysimple.com
20. A Tutorial Of Crafting Dancing Easter Chicks www.myrtleandeunice.com

21. Super Easy Easter Jar Decor As Cute Chick Form crazylittleprojects.com
22. Diy Easter Egg Button Craft With Different Color Paneling acultivatednest.com

23. Rustic Easter Decor Craft Mini Bunny Bunting www.cleanandscentsible.com
24. Plain Popsickle Stick Chicks As Diy Easter Craft www.craftymorning.com

A complete tutorial about how to craft a unique Easter  wreath with some unusually made yarn eggs through a simple DIY process.

25. Unique Easter Egg Wreath With Yarn-made Eggs www.wineandglue.com
26. Cute Diy Easter Card Craft For Kids With Little Chick Figures sarahndipities.indiemade.com

27. Easter Bunny Ears For A Perfect Easter Attire For Kids www.countryliving.com
28. Diy Easter Mask For Kids From Brown Shopping Bags ohhappyday.com

This is a complete kid-project for Easter celebration made of plain yellow paper plate.

29. 2-minute Easter Craft: Paper Plate Easter Chick simpleasthatblog.com
30. Diy Wine Cork Craft: Cute Easter Chick Print With Acrylic Paint www.craftymorning.com

31. Super Simple Easter Bunny Silhouette: A Quick & Easy Yarn Craft For Toddler katiescrochetgoodies.com
32. Plain Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft For Kids www.notimeforflashcards.com

33. Step By Step Tutorial For Cute Critters Centerpiece www.countryliving.com
34. Inexpensive Easter Decor Mason Jar Craft masonjarcraftslove.com

Learn to decor your favorite lolly pops with some basic crafting materials in the shape of cute bunnies for your Easter celebration

35. Awesome Lollypop Bunny Craft For Easter Celebration onelittleproject.com
36. Tutorial To Make Paper Roll Bunnies For Easter Festival onelittleproject.com

Cute little paper roll chicks which are east-to-craft as a DIY Easter celebration

These are super adorable Easter crafts with clothespins in a cute peek-a-boo pattern with little chick inside the egg.

37. Paper Roll Chicks For Easter Decoration onelittleproject.com
38. Cute Peek-a-boo Hatching Egg Easter Craft onelittleproject.com

A complete tutorial of how to make cute little lamp through an easy DIY process for your Easter preparation.

39. An Apparent Tutorial Of Clothespin Bunnies For Easter Celebration onelittleproject.com
40. Q-tip Lamb Craft: Diy Easter Craft With Clothespin onelittleproject.com

A quick and fun DIY project for the Easter festival.

41. Wonderful Easter Decor Idea With Egg Hunt Board And Paper Carrot Garland www2.fiskars.com
42. Diy Easter Egg Craft For Kids- Shaving Cream Painted Paper Eggs www.anightowlblog.com

43. Plastic Egg Easter Flower Bouquet For A Perfect Festive Adornment www.makeandtakes.com
44. Cute Handprint Craft For Kids: Diy Easter Bunny Face www.craftymorning.com

This is an amazingly adorable Easter  bunny craft idea for kids.

45. Little Bunny Frames As Diy Easter Craft With Cotton Balls thrivinghomeblog.com
46. Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Tutorial For Diy Craft Idea diyfuntips.com

47. Paint Filled Eggs As Colorful Easter Activity www.growingajeweledrose.com
48. Plastic Spoon Easter Decor Craft: Cheap Yet Useful Diy krokotak.com

One more simple Easter craft from plastic spoons

49. Learn To Craft Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets blog.hobbycraft.co.uk
50. Bunny Puppet Easter Craft From Paper Bags gluesticksgumdrops.com

Inspire your kids with this 30-minute Easter bunny craft through this easy tutorial.

51. Diy Easter Bonnet And Hat Ideas: Easy Paper Crafts theorganisedhousewife.com.au
52. Toddler Easter Activity: Coffee Filter Bunny www.kids-craft-ideas.com

53. Easter Suncatcher Template Ideas With Easter Animal Shapes everydaydishes.com
54. Tissue Paper Baby Chick Easter Craft Idea For Kids simpleasthatblog.com

Make your Easter party decoration more inexpensive with these easy-to-craft Easter bunnies.

55. Egg Carton Chick: Diy Candy Storage For Easter onelittleproject.com
56. Easter Party Decor With Diy Cardboard Bunny Craft scrappinwithmybug-scrappinwithmybug.blogspot.com

Learn to paint a cute chick image on a paper as the Easter activity using a fork to paint it instead of paintbrush.

57. Diy Colorful Potato Stumping Easter Craft Idea For Kids www.craftymorning.com
58. Quick Easter Chick Craft Using Fork And Acrylic Paint www.craftymorning.com

59. Cute Litte Chicken Craft For Easter With Pom-pom And Pipe Cleaners onelittleproject.com
60. Paper Plate Sheep Craft As Cute Easter Decor www.housingaforest.com

61. Kid’s Easter Art: Hand Print Bouquet Idea www.pinkieforpink.com
62. Beautiful Easter Egg Craft With Scrunched Tissue Paper www.schooltimesnippets.com

Learn to make a cute image of Easter bunny along with a carrot on a plain canvas using painted footprints through the normal crafting process.

63. Quick Easter Bunny And Carrot Painting From Footprints www.gluedtomycraftsblog.com
64. Paper Plate Easter Chicks As Quick And Bold Kids Craft simplytodaylife.com

Hopping into Creativity: 60 Easter Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids