89 Creative & Engaging Dinosaur Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

Looking for dinosaur-themed activities for your kids? checkout 89 creative and colorful dinosaur crafts for kids and dinosaur birthday party activities for toddlers. Get a lot of ideas for dino theme birthday party, holiday activities including clay, pretend and play, paper plate crafts, recycling, fossils, masks, snacks, and treats, finger painting, bath bombs and easy games for your dino party.

Dinosaur Theme Activities and Dino Craft Ideas

Pretend and play as a Dinosaur with homemade construction paper Dinosaur hat www.paper-and-glue.com
Create super dimple paper plate dinosaurs Craft todayscreativeideas.com
Build a dinosaur cave structure with recycled stuff and paper mache crayonboxchronicles.com

Try paper mache dinosaur eggs with names for birthday party surprise catchmyparty.com
Make exploding bicarb dinosaur mud science activity with your little Paleontologist  parentingchaos.com
Easy and cute foam dinosaur craft with foam eggs for your preschool genius www.playpartyplan.com

Let your little dinosaur stomp around the house with a cereal box and color tape dinosaur feet craft creeksidelearning.com
Make dinosaur fossils from salt flour dough www.anightowlblog.com
Dinosaur face craft from clothespins from different genes craftsbyamanda.com

A clear tutorial of how to make dissolving dinosaur skin with play dough, baking soda, and citric acid www.triedandtrueblog.com
Creative dinosaur sticky wallpaper stamps: DIY Dino craft intheplayroom.co.uk
Make dinosaur mask from printable templates of triceratops a trex  www.itsybitsyfun.com

Frozen dino egg tutorial with balloons, dye and small dino toys in water – pagingfunmums.com
Do dinosaur fossil hunt: diy printable craft for kids allfortheboys.com
Learn the names of dinosaurs with paper plate dinosaur craft – simple kids craft www.learnwithplayathome.com

Super easy dinosaur craft for preschool kids with simple handprints and construction paper funhandprintartblog.com
Pretty cool hatching dino egg with felt or eva foam on construction paper www.littlefamilyfun.com
Create hatching dinosaur egg with  cute miniature dino toys and baking soda and vinegar to dissolve and explore it www.growingajeweledrose.com

Do Science and sensory dinosaur activity with miniature dinosaurs in sticky mud www.learnwithplayathome.com
Quick and easy dinosaur fossil imprints from flour dough, easy and fun for kids as they love to stamp the fossil rainydaymum.co.uk
Upcycle old dinosaur toys to make creative dinosaur bookends with bright colors www.momendeavors.com

Great fun for summer dinosaur activity -ice dinosaur breakout kidsactivitiesblog.com
Enjoy making dinos with tiny tots handprints – D is for dinosaur www.redtedart.com
Sand sensory and exploring activity for preschool kids with sandtub dinosaurs fossils kidsactivitiesblog.com

DIY dinosaur feet:  simple kid projects from empty tissue paper box and colorful construction paper rainydaymum.co.uk
Montessori-inspired dinosaur match and learn activities for toddlers livingmontessorinow.com
A list of simple ideas for a dinosaur theme birthday party for kids kidsactivitiesblog.com

Dinosaur fossils scout swaps kidsactivitiesblog.com
Free printable DIY dinosaur valentines for kids – you are my dinomite www.coffeecupsandcrayons.com
DIY dinosaur sensory bottle game idea with miniature dino and dish soap www.730sagestreet.com

Make dinosaur board game – hours of fun learn counting with dino board game funlearningforkids.com
Homemade dinosaur footprint cookies: a perfect pick for dino-themed party www.madetobeamomma.com
Dino theme dessert for birthday treats: a dinosaur in the dirt with worms and mud www.glorioustreats.com

Dinosaur egg snacks with Oreo marshmallow ice Krispies www.messforless.net
Wafflesaurus catchy after-school snack idea for kids: dinosaur snack ideas with waffle pineapple and cheese www.momontimeout.com
Complete dinosaur theme birthday party snack ideas www.learnwithplayathome.com

2-minute dinosaur craft for kids with handprints frugalfun4boys.com
Little felt dinosaur crafting for kids www.littlefamilyfun.com
Make Triceratops dinosaur heads with egg carton and cupcake liners www.stillplayingschool.com

DIY dinosaur skeleton fossil with pasta over soft dough www.prekinders.com
Tissue paper dinosaur craft over clear contact paper base www.freekidscrafts.com
Easy DIY tissue paper dinosaur craft for kids for summer holidays momunleashed.com

Simple yet creative construction paper cute dinosaur with the letter d littlepageturners.blogspot.com
Adorable popsicle sticks and paper cartoon dinosaur craft for the beginners www.gluedtomycraftsblog.com
Glue resist dinosaur skeleton on posterboard www.thatartistwoman.org

Diy Halloween craft: a super quick dinosaur mask with holding stick mom.me
Homemade dinosaur bones from kitchen supplies kitchenfloorcrafts.blogspot.com
Dinosaur stomp painting: easy finger printing dinosaur activity for kids parentingchaos.com

Fy hatching dinosaur egg with rock and baking soda www.growingajeweledrose.com
Dinosaur game idea with dino stickers and clothespins modernpreschool.com
Dinosaur alphabet matching game idea: a smart dino activity www.pre-kpages.com

Dinosaur swamp sensory writing tray a useful dino activity theimaginationtree.com
Dinosaur letter tracing activity with miniature dinosaurs for preschoolers modernpreschool.com
Cute dinosaur counting cards for kids: a clever dino activity thekindergartenconnection.com

Simple and colorful dinosaur lacing card project motor activities for kids fromabcstoacts.com
Make dinosaur skeleton with toilet paper rolls www.yourmodernfamily.com
Plays sand sensory bottle dinosaur world craft for kids simpleplayideas.com

Dinosaur scavenger hunt with plastic eggs- an amusing dino activity frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail.com
Kids letter craft ideas: d is for dinosaur alittlepinchofperfect.com
Dinosaur alphabet matching game idea with plastic cups and miniature dinosaur www.pre-kpages.com

Smart dinosaur activity idea: gross motor movement game www.theottoolbox.com
Educational kids activity: dinosaur nest craft parentingchaos.com
Dy preschool busy bag activity with dinosaur theme stickers fun-a-day.com

Colorful hatching dinosaur egg craft bath bombs www.funathomewithkids.com
Wonderful dinosaur activity and math games for kids: digging for dinosaur bones theimaginationtree.com
Dinosaur paintings with miniature dinosaurs: a cute dino activity for kids frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail.com

Adventurous dino activity with mini structure of dinosaur world happyhooligans.ca
DIY dinosaur activity: dinosaur sensory bin small world with pebbles and sand littlebinsforlittlehands.com
Dinosaur sensory play muddy activity with moon sand and small toys www.learnplayimagine.com

Dinosaur lego building structure game for kids frugalfun4boys.com
Dinosaur toss- a gross motor fun game for kids www.messforless.net
Easy-to-craft paper dinosaur krokotak.com

Unusually made DIY dinosaur bones fossils crafts spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com
Dinosaur track flip flops for kids for as a fun dino activity www.wineandglue.com
Dinosaur paper plate craft – a DIY stuff for dino-themed party spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

Fee printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids www.itsybitsyfun.com
Dinosaur party with the land of nod- an easy paper dino puppet pagingsupermom.com
Stylish egg carton dinosaur hat for adventurous crafter www.craftymorning.com

super quick-to-make paper plate dinosaur craft with foam sheet decor www.theinspirationedit.com
Unique and adorable dinosaur tooth brush holders allthisforthem.blogspot.com
Exciting ice activity: excavating dinosaurs from melting ice happyhooligans.ca

Tape resist dinosaur bone art #stem and #summer activities for kids www.pinkstripeysocks.com
Cardboard dinosaur pterodactyls: adorable DIY costume www.designboom.com
Dinosaur scrubbing activity with sugar, spice, and glitter: try montessori science project sugarspiceandglitter.com

Diy dinosaur crafts with cereal box, sharpie and paper roll sunshinewhispers.com
paper plate triceratops www.artycraftykids.com

Dy terrarium in jar: beautiful dino world www.southerninlaw.com
A cute process of making dino image from plain footprints www.craftymorning.com
Diy super cool dino hat for boys lalymom.com

Printable Dinosaur Coloring Page Activity

89 Creative & Engaging Dinosaur Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids