12 Paper Tree Craft Ideas (Pics) For Classroom Wall & Preschool Crafts


Easy paper tree craft ideas for kids

Paper tree crafts for kids are so much fun! Whether you’re looking for a simple way to get your kids in the holiday spirit or you want to make something that will last more than one day, these ideas will get them engaged and excited about the holidays.

Paper Tree Craft Ideas for Classroom & Preschool Crafts

Here are some…

  1. Thankful tree 3d model tree trunk and branches and steps for a complete thankful tree – firstpalette
  2. Simple Christmas tree craft with curled paper rolls –kidscraftroom
  3. Steps for a making 3d apple tree for toddlers – iheartcraftythings
  4. Make hanging paper ornaments – cone-shaped Christmas tree paper craft –firefliesandmudpies
  5. 3D 4 Seasons trees with rolls and paper, standing paper tree craft –nontoygifts
  6. Paper quilling craft – lovely paper quilling tree craft for inspiration –papercraftss
  7. Make a paper tree with cupcake liners – easypeasy
  8. How to make a big size classroom tree step-by-step pics –teaching2and3yearolds
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  1. Large wall tree for the classroom with paper plates (inspiration image)

Scroll down for a few more classroom tree models and for the paper tree template for the crafts.

Also, paper trees are a great way to teach kids about the holidays and engage young minds while decorating your classroom walls. Make their own tree for Christmas, or for another holiday.

In just a few simple steps, preschoolers can create their own vibrant paper trees, fostering imagination and fine motor skills

Try using different colors of paper, and let your child decorate their tree with crayons, markers, stickers… whatever they want!

You can create a tree out of construction paper or even old newspapers. If you’re looking for kid-friendly ideas on making a paper tree, we’ve got you covered!

Simple paper tree craft ideas for holiday seasons and classrooms

Wall tree for classroom life size tree

Make these paper crafts with the children. Cut out the outline of any tree.

Construction paper Tree Step by Step Pictures

Paper tree craft on a classroom wall

Classroom tree for inspiration

Paper tree craft for classroom-wall paper tree A classroom tree in the corner

Download paper tree trunk and leaves printable templates

Leaves on paper template for leaves print and color and glue

Tree trunk base printable template

Tree trunk base printable template

Popular Types Paper Tree Craft Ideas

1. Paper Quilling Tree: How to make Paper Quilling Tree

  • Paper quilling involves rolling and shaping thin strips of paper to create intricate designs.
  • To make a quilled paper tree, start by creating a trunk using tightly rolled brown paper coils.
  • Add branches by attaching green paper strips in various lengths to the trunk.
  • Use colorful quilling strips shaped into loose coils to create vibrant leaves.
  • Personalize your tree by adding additional elements like flowers or birds using quilling techniques.

2. 3D Paper Tree: Christmas Paper Tree

  • Create a 3D paper tree by using accordion folds or layered cut-outs.
  • Start with a rectangular piece of paper and make accordion folds to form the tree’s shape.
  • Cut out leaf shapes from green paper and attach them to the branches.
  • Add details like a trunk, roots, and decorations using colored paper or markers.
  • This technique adds depth and dimension to your paper tree creation.

3. Handprint Tree: artycraftykids

Autumn Handprint Tree for Preschool Kids

  • Trace and cut out handprints from colored paper to form the tree’s branches.
  • Arrange the handprints on a background paper, overlapping them to create layers.
  • Use fingerprints or thumbprints to add colorful leaves to the branches.
  • Add personal touches such as drawing a trunk, animals, or a swing to customize your handprint tree.

4. Origami Tree: How to Make an Easy Origami Tree

  • Create an origami tree by folding paper using origami techniques.
  • Start with a square piece of paper and follow the folding instructions to form the tree shape.
  • Experiment with different origami tree designs, such as the traditional pine tree or a stylized tree with multiple branches.
  • Add decorations like small origami ornaments or a star on top for a festive touch.

5. Recycled Paper Tree: Sample Video

  • Repurpose newspaper, magazine pages, or scrap paper to create an eco-friendly paper tree.
  • Cut out tree shapes from recycled paper, such as old book pages or colored magazines.
  • Layer the cut-out tree shapes to create a 3D effect or collage them onto a background paper.
  • Embellish with recycled materials like buttons, fabric scraps, or ribbons to add texture and interest.

Why Have a Paper Tree in Classroom?

Nature-inspired elements in the classroom environment offer a range of benefits that enhance the overall learning experience.

Calming and Relaxing Atmosphere: Incorporating nature-inspired elements, such as a paper tree, creates a serene and calming atmosphere in the classroom. The sight of greenery and natural elements has a positive impact on students’ well-being, reducing stress levels and promoting a sense of tranquility.

Connection to the Natural World: Bringing nature indoors helps students develop a deeper connection and appreciation for the natural world.

It reminds them of the beauty and importance of the environment, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Stimulates Creativity and Imagination: Nature has always been a rich source of inspiration for artists, writers, and thinkers.

By incorporating nature-inspired elements, students are encouraged to tap into their creativity and imagination.

The paper tree serves as a blank canvas for them to explore different artistic techniques and express their unique perspectives.

Enhances Learning Engagement: A classroom adorned with nature-inspired elements captures students’ attention and engages their senses.

It creates an inviting and stimulating environment that encourages active participation and curiosity.

Students are more likely to be motivated and focused on their learning tasks.

Supports Multidisciplinary Learning: Nature-inspired elements provide opportunities for multidisciplinary learning.

A paper tree can be integrated into various subjects, such as science (exploring plant life cycles), art (developing artistic skills), and language arts (writing stories or poems inspired by nature).

It promotes cross-curricular connections and a holistic approach to education.

Encourages Collaboration and Teamwork: Engaging in a classroom project like the paper tree cultivates a collaborative spirit among students.

They work together, sharing ideas, problem-solving, and celebrating each other’s contributions.

It promotes a positive classroom culture and enhances social skills.

Inspires a Sense of Wonder and Curiosity: Nature has a way of sparking wonder and curiosity in students.

The presence of a paper tree stimulates their curiosity about the natural world, leading to questions, discussions, and further exploration.

It encourages a sense of awe and fosters a lifelong love for learning.

By incorporating nature-inspired elements like a paper tree in the classroom, we create an environment that nurtures students’ well-being, creativity, and engagement with the world around them.

12 Paper Tree Craft Ideas (Pics) For Classroom Wall & Preschool Crafts