43 Valentine’s Day Ideas



1. Surround the Bed with Heart Balloons and Roses

2. Send Someone/Yourself a Fancy Giftbox from Paris

3. Take Netflix and Chill to a New Level

4. Go Camping Indoors

5. Host a Good Old-Fashioned Kissing Booth

6. Two Words: Heart Bacon

7. Buy Valentine’s Day Pajamas

8. Become a Flatlay Expert

9. Go Around ShootingPeople with Bows and Arrows

10. Surprise Your Loved Ones with Affirmation Sticky Note Hearts

11. Create the Ultimate V-DaySweets Spread

12. Kiss Your Balloons

13. Draw Yourself a Bath (and Take Photos of the Set-Up)

14. Put Up a Valentine’s Day Tree

15. Buy Yourself a Huge-Ass Bag of Flowers

16. Create a Giant Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

17. Make Candy Jewelry

18. Have a Valentine’s Day Bonfire

19. Make V-Day Piñatas

20. Get Heart Balloons Bigger than Your Head

21. Host a Valentine’s Day Tea Party

22. Get this Enormous Heart Made of Balloons

23. Make this Googly-Eye Heart Thing

24. Put Chocolate-Covered Strawberries on Cupcakes

25. Wear this Extra AF Cupid Outfit

26. Do Some V-Day-Themed Makeup Art

27. Host a Crafting Soiree

28. Flaunt your V-Day Street Style

29. Make Fun of the Whole Holiday

30. Host a Wine Tasting

31. Make Tiny Heart-Shaped Pizzas

32. DIY Your Own Bath Bombs

33. Bake Punny Cookies

34. Create Pins with Your Fave Heartthrobs on Them

35. Give Your Lover a Thirsty AF Card

36. DIY This Hanging Flower Heart

37. Dress Up Your Dogs

38. Treat Yourself to Some New Lingerie

39. Be That Person Who Orders Every Pink Drink Ever

40. Host a Classic Instagrammable Sleepover

41. Pop the Question

42. Buy a Super Sexy New Dress

43. Go to a Rooftop Hot Tub Cinema

43 Valentine’s Day Ideas