12 Preschool Dental Crafts & Activities: Toddlers Oral Hygiene


Handpicked Dental Health Crafts and Activities

Toothbrush painting: Have children dip a toothbrush in paint and create toothbrush paintings on paper. – Taming little monsters

Play dentist: Set up a pretend dentist office with chairs, tools, and “patients” (stuffed animals or dolls) for children to role-play and practice taking care of teeth. Pretend and play dentist kit

Roleplay Dentist for Dental health Activities

Tooth fairy craft: Create a tooth fairy craft by making a tooth out of paper and decorating it with glitter, stickers, and other materials. – Printable tooth fairy craft – Artsycraftymom

Printable tooth fairy craft

Flossing practice: Use playdough and shoelaces to teach children how to floss by practicing with the shoelaces between the playdough “teeth.” Flossing Activity for Preschoolers – Teaching Mama

Preschool Dental Health Activity – Hygiene Activities: Healthy or Not – By Planning Playtime

Healthy snack creations: Encourage children to create healthy snacks that are good for their teeth, such as fruit skewers or yogurt parfaits. – Healthy Snacks for Kids – NYC Dental Office

Kid Friendly Dental Healthy Foods

Brushing and counting game: Have children brush their teeth while counting to 60, helping them learn to brush for the recommended two minutes. How long to brush your teeth – Youtube Animated Video

Toothpaste sensory play: Provide children with different types of toothpaste to explore with their senses, such as smelling, tasting, and feeling the textures. Dental health sensory play with toothpaste – still playing school

Dental health book: Have children create a book about dental health, including pictures, stories, and tips for keeping their teeth healthy.

Scavenger hunt: Hide dental health-related items around the classroom or outdoor space and have children search for them while learning about dental health.

Brushing teeth song and dance: Teach children a fun song and dance about brushing teeth to make dental hygiene more engaging and fun. Brush your teeth Dance Along- Pink Fong

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Preschool Life-size craft teeth model and tooth layers school project

Dental Health Activities

Words from Mia’s Mom (Local Parent Group – Post Inspiration)

As a mother of a four-year-old daughter, I was always looking for ways to make learning about dental health fun and engaging for her.

One day, while brainstorming ideas, I came across the idea of dental health crafts and activities.

I was excited to try some of these activities with my daughter and help her learn about the importance of dental hygiene.

We started with a toothbrush painting activity, where my daughter dipped her toothbrush into different colors of paint and created beautiful toothbrush paintings on paper. She loved the activity and was proud of her toothbrush paintings.

Next, we played dentist together, with my daughter pretending to be the dentist and giving me a check-up.

We used her toy dentist set and she was thrilled to use the tools to check my teeth and make sure they were clean.

We also created a tooth fairy craft, where we made a tooth out of paper and decorated it with glitter and stickers.

My daughter loved the craft and was excited to put it under her pillow at night, hoping the tooth fairy would visit.

She inspired me to do this post on a list of dental health activities for preschoolers.

12 Preschool Dental Crafts & Activities: Toddlers Oral Hygiene