Preschool Model Teeth School Project Ideas: Plastic Bottle Tooth Craft

Preschool dental model craft ideas are great for teaching children about brushing and flossing.

Preschool Life-size craft teeth model and tooth layers school project

Few more teeth model DIYs for school going and preschoolers

These preschool dental model crafts can be made with materials found around the house, and they’re a fun way to encourage children to learn good dental habits.

Few hand-made model teeth project ideas for school

These crafts can also be used to teach young children about the importance of dental hygiene, as well as the process of brushing teeth.

  1. Preschool model tooth anatomy for kids – hellowonderful
  2. Using icecube tray as teeth model to teach flossing – preschoolplaylearn
  3. Teach brushing for your preschoolers with a giant teeth model made with egg cartons and cardboard –kidsblog
  4. Construction paper school project on parts of the tooth, learn tooth layers –adabofgluewilldo
  5. Make a life-size dental model with cardboard and paper cups as teeth
  6. Dentist role-playing, preschool dental hygiene with paper model –Youtube
  7. Flossing jumbo building blocks as teeth with yarn to practice –livelaughilovekindergarten
  8. More preschool dental crafts and activity ideas


Using ice cube tray to teach flossing for kids Preschool Model Teeth, Layers and Parts of Tooth Learning for kids

Learn to recycle some unused plastic bottles into the shape of cute teeth crafts through this simple tutorial.


Preschool Model Teeth School Project Ideas: Plastic Bottle Tooth Craft