9 Easy Popsicle Stick Catapult Design Ideas for Kids- Stem Activities


Popsicle stick catapult for kids, – different types of catapult made with popsicle sticks, pencil, bands, cloth dryer clips and binder clip.

How to build popsicle stick catapult with pencil bands and clips

This is a fun, safe way to get your kids involved in science and engineering.

  1. Make a simple popsicle stick capatapult with spoon, band and posicile sticks –onelittleproject
  2. Creative and solid build ping pong ball catapult for kids (needs parent assistance to complete) – instructables
  3. Easy to try catapult made with a posicile sticks and binder clips –stlmotherhood
  4. Step by step video on a moving catapult ( With a castle attack demo) – Youtube
  5. Build a medivel castle keep and a popsicle stick catapult –thehelpfulartteacher
  6. Effortless easy ways to make a posicicle catapult (with pencils & bands) –shelterness 
  7. Easiest catapult to build with kids, with just cloth dryer clips and popsicle sticks and bottle cap – instructables
  8. Awesome working trebuchet – how to build a mini trebuchet – science buddies youtube

The catapult is easy to make and will be a great addition to any playroom. It’s also great for older children who are interested in engineering, but don’t have the space or money for a full-size lab! 😉

This was such a fun activity for our family! The kids really enjoyed seeing their creations fly through the air and watching them hit different objects on the ground.

Let’s build some popsicle stick catapults! Kids will love building the first catapult with only four popsicle sticks, then challenge themselves by building a larger, more difficult one with more sticks. Both are great fun.

#popsicle #popsiclestick #crafts Learn how to build a popsicle stick catapult for the best STEM projects and fun physics for kids. Our popsicle stick catapult instructions and videos are easy!

9 Easy Popsicle Stick Catapult Design Ideas for Kids- Stem Activities