#12 Paper Collage Making Ideas: Easy Arts for Kids


Paper Collage: Just like the mosaics of good olden times, paper collages are made from torn colorful papers glued to drawing.

Paper Collage Made with Torn Papers

It’s like using specific colored paper in place of a crayon on a drawing. Yeah, I know you already know this, let’s check out the top paper collage ideas for your preschooler.

easy paper collage making ideas for preschool kids simple collage


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Why Paper Collage & Paper Collage Ideas for Kids

Paper collage is a fun, creative, and inexpensive way to involve kids in the art to make a picture out of paper.

Kids will love the instant gratification of creating their own art just by tearing, cutting, gluing, and stacking pieces of paper.

Just like the other craft activities this also gives kids a sense of accomplishment and gives them a chance to develop fine motor skills.

These collages can also be used in a variety of ways such as decorating your child’s bedroom, hanging in the nursery, or on the walls at home.

It’s an easy craft activity for kids ages 4+ years old. And Yes, it is an excellent way for kids to express themselves and their imagination.

The materials needed for paper collage are just glue, scissors, paper, and paint.
Make a paper collage from anything you can find – stickers, leaves, napkins, paper clips, etc.

You could even use old magazines or whiteboard pages as templates. All you need is lots of paper and glue!

While paper collage ideas for kids are endless, here are some of our favorite DIY projects:

1. Paper collage trees
2. Paper collage people
3. Paper collage animals
4. Paper collage horses
5. Paper collage cars

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#12 Paper Collage Making Ideas: Easy Arts for Kids