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Cost Living and Average Salary in Switzerland:

Switzerland is a costly place to live and luxurious living claims, even more, prices to pay off! Though as a vital percentage of this country comes from the tourist’ business profits, yet the dwellers of every city have to pay a bit high USD to sustain the all required maintenance properly! Nevertheless, staying in the countryside could be less costly in such methods, though; having the entire lavish facilities in such places will be another costly attempt for the dwellers.

Cost of Living in Switzerland

However, according to the recent survey, the city living cost is varied by the places, and Geneva is the costly city depending on that review, while Zurich has scored the place of second there. These cities are considered as the most costly cities not only in Switzerland but, also regarded as the expensive cities in the list of world’s costly cities!

Living in Switzerland ideas.

In Zurich, a family of three people needs more than $3,600 USD in a month to live an average living there, while in Geneva, it needs $3,700 USD cost for a single month! Though in the countryside areas, you can live a whole month in an average living style within $2,500 USD.

Although, it seem unfair to claim such huge amount for only one month cost of normal living, yet the government of this country claims that this is no excessive expensive for a Swiss dweller at all! As the average city residents from Swiss country make above $41 USD per hour; that means they are earning more than 4 times extra salary than their one-month expenditure! To know more details from the recent Swiss economist report, please check the mentioned link below-

Reference : Cost of living in Switzerland.

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