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Festivals in Switzerland:

Switzerland is a joyous place where people affectionate to the delightful and prosperous festivals, thus, the list of Swiss carnivals is just filled with the endless item and the most beloved part is that they all are so unique from each other! It is said that in Swiss country ‘a succession of festivity all the year round’! There are numerous traditional carnivals, fairs, and rituals are celebrated every year, and millions of travelers came to this country only to experience these extremely exceptional carnivals once in their lifetime!

Switzerland is a huge country with various regions, thus, festivals are varied by the places along with its customs. Let’s check out some tops festivals among those numerous carnivals in this article ahead-

Snow Festival: Snow festivals is commemorated in Grindelwald, in which artists and sculptures from all over the world gathered in this city, near the Interlaken to make ice sculptures throughout the whole 6days of the festival. During the whole festival, the streets of this snowy town of Switzerland become one captivating museum with various type of stunning snow statues. This carnival is commemorated from 18th January to 23 January in every single year.

Balloon Festival: Balloon festival is celebrated in Alpine village of Château, in which 20 different countries bring 80 hot air balloons in different vibrant shades and float over the snowy Alps. This festival runs for 8 days which starts on 23rd January and ends on 31st.

Basel Fasnacht: Basel Fasnacht carnival commemorates in the city of Basel and stays for 4 days in late February. During this festival, dwellers of this city adorn with colorful disguises, exclusive masks and participate in several parades which lead by some charming orchestras. The festival starts in a unique way, where the city residents gathered at the 4am to hear four rings of city clock, since when their festival will start!

Music Festival: Music festivals are very frequent in Swiss country and you can find this similar type of carnival throughout the whole year in different cities at different times. Among them, Interlaken Classic music festival is one of the noted musical commemorate that celebrates with international orchestras and famous classical soloists. Ascona music festival is another mentionable one in this regards.

Six O’clock chimes: Six O’clock chimes is generally known as Sechselauten in Swiss country and celebrated in Zurich to venerate the arrival of spring. This is mostly renowned among the children, who perform parades, dance and several amusing things to entertain their family during this festival. Sechselauten usually celebrates at the mid-April on each year.

Jazz Festival: Jazz festival is a joyous celebration of Lugano, where numerous talented danced gathered in the city and rejoice the happiness of 17 free jazz dancing moves throughout the entire five days. In Lugano, it is celebrated mid-June, while in Monteux, this kind of jazz dancing festival commemorates at the beginning of July!

Zurich Festival Switzerland

Zurich Festival: It is superfluous to say that Zurich festival celebrates in the city of Zurich, in which opera, concert, dance, theater, art, etc. show the cities diverse cultural flaunts in an artistic way. One more highlighted festival celebrates in this place with same popularity and that is the Zuri Fascht in which, impressive and extravagant fireworks has been displayed during whole three days of the festival.

International Alphorn Festival: International Alphorn festival is held in Nendaz in which official competition took place among several sorts of folk, classical, and traditional music and dancing field. This is one of the freshest carnivals of Swiss country which stays for only three days and starts on the second last week of the month July on every single year.

Paleo Festival: Paleo is one of the biggest music festivals in this country which is celebrated at the Paleo Arts and Spectacles Cultural Association that situated in between Geneva and Lausanne. The festival is adorned with 120 concerts and numerous food menus along with some more entertaining events. This occasion is celebrated for whole 6 days of the month of July on every single year.

National Day Festivals: National day of Switzerland celebrates on 1st of August which is rejoiced by the whole country dwellers in new, new customs and celebrations. But, the utmost residents of Swiss country commemorate this single festival day with firecrackers, parades, orchestras, garden barbeques, brunch, speeches about 1291 freedom matter, etc.

Autumn Festival Switzerland

Autumn Festivals: Autumn festival is another wonderful carnival of this country which mainly rejoices in the city Lugano in the happiness of the arrival of the autumn season. Residents of this city commemorate this festival with loads of wine, scrumptious local food, and loud music. Several tourists also participate in this celebration from all over the world, which s generally starts from the last day of September and ends on 2nd of October.

Bern Onion Festivals: Bern onion festival is one chief festival of farmers which celebrates only in the city Bern with 50 tons of fresh onions from the surrounding areas towards the city. The festival starts on morning 5am from November last to celebrate the fresh cultivation of crops.

Desalpe festival, Films & Television Festival, Vernier Sur Rock Festival, Geneva festival, Blue Ball festival, Street Artist Festival, etc. are some other mentionable festival of this country. For more details, please visit the mentioned link below-

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